Wednesday, July 28, 2021

It is not easy to work at a humanitarian aid organization or to operate one. That is a challenge. One should think about it daily how to assure the everyday help for those who need it and are entrusted to him or her by God. When somebody works with children, the pressure is bigger. So is it at the Magyarfülpösi Szivárvány Alapítványnál (The Rainbow Foundation from Magyarfülpös). We have a past of 20 years. Unfortunately the struggle is common to have the proper support for our clients, but God listens to our prayers. We have a continuously support from the Van der Heerik Foundation almost two years. That amount of donation is a huge help for us, it takes a big financial pressure off our shoulders. We can safely say that it become indispensable for today. 

We hope that this help is remaining for several years for us so we can make our clients’ life more beautiful, better and easier.

We want to express our thanks to the foundation, and also to Imola and Csabi the productive cooperation.  More pictures here

”Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me..” Mt. 25,40


Magyarfülpös, at 7th of July of 2021

Ady István

priest of the Reformed Church

Székely Éva

Social worker



Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Transport of July

 Dear all,

Greetings to everyone dear friends, members of organizations,volunteers, helpers.The transport arrived to destination Breaza on Monday morning. Because  there where lots of hospital beads, the unload went quite fast. We have received :caned beans, clouding,  salty biscuits , cookies,furniture, hospital beads, onion,dog food for Fiducia,

The biscuits are now very required because it is vacation time and many schools, churches, Organizations are organizing daily activities where the biscuits are served for the little hungry ones at the end as snack.It is very delicious item you just send us .Thank you!!!!!!

Tuesday morning Viorel picked up their part from the transport as well, we have received from his farm delicious tomatoes .

In the afternoon Toth Attila came also for a transport :biscuits, beans, clouding are going to be distributed for people in need. 

Another loud went also for Voivodeni to the Reformed community, where was requested furniture for a family whose house  burned down this days. A man died (the grandfather)inside the fire ,the family remained without a home. At the moment the neighbor home was free so they can stay in until they will rebuild it. The church will help the family with the rebuilding. The  grandfather was released last week from the hospital , his legs were amputated and seems that it was a suicide. 

The hospital beads are going this time again to the City Hospital of Targu Mures .

Another loud we delivered to   Urmenis for Elena where many hungry kids are waiting at their door to get some food or snack.

More pictures

Thank you all for the beautiful load , for all the work you invest in us!Stay healthy and till soon!

Best regards!

Imola Fazakas


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Report on the donations received from Van den Heerik Foundation Breaza

In the following few lines, allow us to provide you with an overview of who we are and what our activity is. Our congregation is a Hungarian Reformed Congregation whose parish lies close to the city of Reghin. We are about 150 people, mostly elderly, who try to maintain the independence of our congregation in the sense that even though we are a minority in the diaspora, we hold our values dearly and we do our best to care for those in need. We consider that our service lays the groundwork for a tight community which has access to the forms of care that are presently needed or that will be indispensable in the near future. We have about 15 children in our congregation, and very few middle-aged members, the majority of our community being around 70 years of age. Our main focus is to provide support for the elderly and build up an infrastructure that will provide them with basic needs in the future. In order for us to do this, we have begun to find partners in our endeavour.

Our partners have the necessary know-how and expertise to provide quality support for our projects. For example, we have teamed up with the Christian Foundation Diakonia, and we provide socio-medical home-care services in our village. This way our elderly can get the care they need in the privacy of their own homes without being forced into retirement homes. This takes the load off the public welfare system, and is significantly better for the spiritual wellbeing of the beneficiaries. In partnership with the Írisz House from Sfantu-Gheorghe we have established a protected workshop where persons with disabilities are able to find meaningful and gainful employment. The protected workshop will start its activity in the month of July. In the first part of the year we have tried to find resources to renovate a part of an old building that will be the place of the workshop. Even if we still have a lot to do, we have made some significant headway. With the help of the Írisz House we have made our buildings wheelchair-accessible, so that every person can join our events. We have formed a team of willing voluntaries, who do diaconal work where it is needed. Due to the fact that our village does not have gas for heating, and it only recently got access to running water, and built a sewage system, many elderly need people to help them with chopping wood in order to provide warmth for the winter, or drawing water from the well for daily sanitation. We have found partners that help us in organizing cultural events. The Alternative Music Academy provides musical programs together with the Piccolino Association. The Bethen Gábor Fund made it possible for us to have minimal amenities in our buildings, which includes running water and connection to the communal sewer system. Our partnership with the Babeș-Bolyai University’s Faculty of Reformed Theology makes it possible to have students visit our congregation and organize programs for the few children that belong to our congregation. This is part of our present and a few perspectives for the future. Your generous donation fits into this activity in the following way.

We have received 19 beds from your foundation, and we have put them to good use. The hospital beds that we received are of good quality, they are mostly fully functional, with only one bed’s motor being slightly damaged. This bed can be used for spare parts in case any of the other beds needs some intervention. We have transported the beds to a storage facility belonging to one of our partners, who will establish a care unit for elderly people. Our agreement is that they rent out these beds from our congregation and should any of our elderly members need clinical care, they will waive part of the costs for those in need. This is one way in which we guarantee that those who need it the most, are not left on their own. The beds’ renting fees contribute to the renovation of the workshop that we have established for the persons with disabilities, as well as other urgent renovations that need to be made at our church. Please find below a few images on what we are working on, and what your contribution is making possible.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the fact that you invest your energy and good will into making the lives of so many people better. We are humbled by your support, and pray that you may have an abundance of blessings that follow your life and activity.

Warm regards

Rev. Dr. András László RÁD

Minister of the Reformed Congregation of Beica de Jos

 The state of our social center, place of the workshop. This needs thorough renovation


The sidewalk before and after making it wheelchair accessible

This is the state of the structure support beams, that held up the ceiling of our community space. We needed to intervene urgently. 

The wooden floor of the church was attacked by fungus. We needed to change it

Transporting the beds