Saturday, October 29, 2022

New home for Anderei and Ana and their kids

Every family needs a house to live in. Shelter is a basic element in creating an ideal situation where a family develops normally socially and economically. Unfortunately, however, many families struggle with the lack of a home and this implicitly leads to the appearance of other shortages and needs. A family without a home is exposed to  disease, squalor, and the children suffer the most. When parents cannot afford a home it is clear that they cannot afford to support their children in school or take care of their needs. Thus, hundreds of little innocents end up having to beg for a piece of bread and the idea of ​​receiving an education is not even part of their plans. 

Thanks to our sponsors we managed to  build a houses for  a familie in crisis , who was living in a small trailer beside the road in  Urmenis .On Friday Andrei and Ana and their two children's Georgiana 4 years  and Andrei 2 years ,could move  in their new home in Sopteriu.

This action  has proven to be a success, the families helped feel real joy when they finally have a house to live in and can start a better life.

 Thank you everybody`s  involvement!

Here are some more pictures with the new house

Best regards, 

 Csabi and Imola 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Transports from May

 It has been a busy month again twoo transports arived to our depo in Breaza, our partners are glad for it becouse they can help their comunities. But also eldely homes , children homes, disabled centers are enjoying our products.

Elena from Urmenis is busy to help her comunity in Urmenis. Together with her sister they visit evry weekend the people around and bring them goods receaved from the transports.

``My dears, On Saturday, May 13, 2022, I shared apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and other goodies received from you in my community. People are very happy with what they receive, especially in these conditions where the food is very expensive and the income has remained the same, ie very low, or in some cases not at all. Most of them live on social assistance (about 30 euros / month) and children's allowances and work as day laborers. Many of them do not know how to read and write, so they cannot find a job, even if they want to. So we always try to get to where I know I really need a little help and my goal is for no child to go to bed hungry. Thank you for giving me the chance to help my fellow human beings. Sincerely, Elena.``

Transport nr7/06.05.2022

Transport nr 8/13.05.2022 

Thank you for the great louds!


Imola and Csaba Fazakas 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Report from Teleios Organisation lead by Toth Attila

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you from Romania. I hope all of you are doing well even if in our world there are many challenging things to face. I this message I want to thank you very much for everyone who took a part to provide food packages at Easter time. This food packages came in a very right time and it was a real and a huge help for our needy families here. As the winter is over many of our gipsy people hoped that they can start to work in construction, or agriculture or any occasional job. But with this war situation and with all these uncertain things what going one was most of the work delayed. So most of this needy family after they used they small resourrse what they had, they also went in dept (that usually is happening that in winter they borrow money thinking to give back when they start to work) and the work is hardly starting even now. Next to that everything become very very expensive here, All the food price went up and many people can hardly afford to buy enough food for the family. So in this time we saw even more needy families than before. We are thankful that with your help we could provide food for many families at many different places. We shared the food packages in Reghin, Apalina, Gloden, Peris, Livezeni. Our organization is also have ukranian refuges and one of my pastor friend has 70 refugge with him so we also gave 25 packages for them to feed the refuges.
It was so nice to see how this help made this families life happier even for a few days
Thank you very much for your generosity, your sacrificial work and love toward our people . God bless you all richly.Some pictures right here.
With love and respect Attila

Report from Deda

Dear Foundation, `

``It has been almost 10 years since God 's blessing was poured out on some people through you during the holy holidays. For some people, life has been less generous. We have found in our community an impressive number of sick people .I saw the smile on their faces and the eyes were tearing at the moment of our meeting.Young people immobilized in a wheelchair, women with amputated legs, elderly people, alone or simply isolated, families with various needs, all rejoiced that God did not forget Him. I am a medical nurce, my purpose is to alleviate the sufferings of the sick both physically and mentally and you help me to fulfill my mission. Thank you for that!``Rodica Bandila-nurce by the Medico-Social Center in  Deda.Here are more pictures.


Friday, April 29, 2022

Easter 2022

 Dear friends, sponsors ,volunteers ,followers,

Our Ester action 2022 has been finished succesfully, all packages ended up by the moust vulnerable categories of people( in district Mures and Bistrita Nasaud): poor people, roma  comunities , childrens/ adults with disabilities with illneses, elderly.

It is devastating to see all those  poor children in the  comunities ,without proper food/ clothes , without the warmth of a home. Some kids were telling   how they were evacuated from their homes countless times because their parents couldn't afford  to pay the rent or mortgage rate, some lived in tents or, illegally, in homes without electricity,gas  or drinking water. Others told us that , that they lost their friends because they can't afford to do the same things as other children of the same age. Poverty has many faces and  is very difficult because it robs them of dreams,  hopes and  rights.

Unfurtunatly the future  of these children, growing up in poverty, are severely affected. Many times when  it comes to poverty, we tend to think of something that has existed in the past or it takes place in another part of the world, we don`t see  the poorness around us.

Unfortunately, poverty is the daily reality in which  live millions of children and adults of our society.

Thanks to our  generous sponsor and the goodwill of all those who helped there to assebly the packages  we could bring some joy to all these people. Special thanks also to all our partners we work with,   our contacts from  churches, foundations,  organisations , thanks to them the packages were delivered to the most needy ones . 

 Below are some pictures from our  beneficiaries from village Breaza , Filpisu Mare and some from Reghin .Some more reports will come

Warm regards,

Imola and Csabi Fazakas

Report from Organization ``Our life mission``Viile Tecii

Easter 2022 was a wonderful time helping those in need with much needed food supplies. We saw the faces first hand as the smiles and thank us for the help and for the faithfulness in not forgetting those in need. We would quickly turn the praises to Jesus as He supplies the things to our partners that ship from European countries to help those in need. These past few years have been difficult for many of the Roma families. We are grateful for those that take the time to give, and pack each box with love. Please know they are receiving them with humble and grateful hearts. See the pictures over here.``

John Fracker,

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Report of Szep Ildiko

For Promotie and Van den Heerik Foundation!

Thanks to your help, we were able to bring happiness in a few small villages again, this Easter 2022: Toldal, Onuca. See right here the pictures Many of these people are living alone, widows and ill, but even the ones who have families have a low pension. There are a few younger families, but they also have very low income.

They received the food packages with great happiness, thanking them with teary eyes.

I want to thank the leaders of the Foundations Van den Heerik and Promotie, as well as the collaborators and volunteers for the 60 packages in the names of the people in Onuca and Toldal. You have brought happiness to the lives of many elderly people. 

My husband, pastor Szep Eduard gave out the packages to the people in need in three small villages, Comlod, Orosfaia and Sopteriu. They are also thankful for your help.  Here are the pictures.

Thank you and may God bless your work and your lives!


Best regards, 

Szép Ildikó