Monday, January 7, 2019

Tigmandru By Horea Tamasan

Hello everyone!
 This year, 2018, too, we received packages as gifts for  Christmas. They contained lots of  food for the poor people in Tigmandru.
Imolo and Csabi gave us 90 boxes with food and toys for those in need.  Together with several helpers from the village we distribued them to the poor families.
From the packages received from the Van Den Heerik Foundation Breaza we offered help to some families, children and adults of  Livezeni village, to the place where  we are building a house for a very poor family from Tg Mures. We express our gratitude for the effort made!Thank you for the kindness and support you show to us every time in the celebration season.
May God bless you abundantly! More pictures see over here.
Yours faithfully,

Pastor Horea Tămășan

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  1. What is Christmas pastor Tămășan? Thank you and God bless you.


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