Friday, January 11, 2019

Report of Association,, Voice of Reghin ``

As  appreciation for the gifts you have given us through Ms. Fazakas Imola and Csaba Regina's Voice Association, Petru Maior Technological High School Reghin,  the gifts we have given to 20 families, carefully selected, because there are many families with very large needs in our area.
As co-coordinating teachers of this association, we want to offer  to  the childrens, models of humanity, but we are also impressed by the joy and appreciation we saw  in the eyes of those we wish to redeem. The volunteers selected within this association are students of our high school, young people willing to do good, who, as they have the opportunity, offers their help to the underprivileged.
These families we help have souls full of sincere gratitude and our help with you is a source of survival for them. I have carefully selected families with more children, they are between 5-12 children / family, I have taken pictures of family representatives, and some of the children are immobilized in bed. The needs of these families are real, some have terminal cancer, others are grandparents who are hard to grow orphaned, others have homes almost fallen on them.
We appreciate your goodwill, we are grateful for what you do for us, we want to work together in the future if possible.
We believe that the most valuable thing in life is to reach the heart of those next to us. We want to wish a year blessed by God, full of health!
Regards, Association Voice of  Reghin
Pictures can be seen over here

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