Monday, January 7, 2019

Report from Toth Attila for the Christmas packages 2018

``Dear Friends 

Greetings to you from Roumania.  First of all I want to wish you a very successful and Happy New Year, I hope you had a great celebration at Christmass.
In this short letter I want to thank you very much for the food packages what we received from you at December. We are so thankful that now since year you are providing this food packages so thatway we can help the poor gipsy and needy family around Christmass. These year we received from you 125 food packages. Most of this packages was gave out in a gipsy village called Apalina where we shared even before. In this gipsy community are living more than 3000 gipsies. A lot of them are in a very difficult situation. At winter time even those whom are working during the summer in construction and agriculture they are home without work so everybody was very happy and thankful to receive the food package from you. 
Next to Apalina we went to Gornesti and Jara and we visited widows and very needy families whom are living in very desperate situation. Most of these widows are living from a very little pension so they have difficulty to pay the electricity bill and the wood for heating. Some of them are living by themselves and nobody are taking care of them, IT was such a joy to see their thankful face as we gave them your foodpackage. Thank you very much for making this peoples time much nicer
God bless you for your generosity
I send you pictures attached
With thanks and restpect
pastor Attila Toth``
Pictures over here

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