Monday, January 7, 2019

Report from Sebes by Margareta Iancu

``Dear friends
 On the occasion of the holy celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we received Christmas gifts from the Van den Heerik Organisation trough the intermediary of Mrs. Imola and Csabi Fazakas from Breaza, Mures County.
These Christmas packages were distributed by Mrs. Iancu Margareta from the “Sfanta Elisabeta” Organization  Sebes and the volunteers of the Organization for Children and Adults with Special Needs “Trebuie!” Sebes.
 On this gifts benefited the poor families with many children, the sick and alone eldery people, disabled people, and a group of poor children at risk of social exclusionn attending the School Dropout  Centre at the sports high school from Sebes.
These Christmas presents have enjoyed the souls of the people from defaulted groups, making their holydays more beutiful, because the friends in the Netherlands have not forgotten them neither this year.
On the behalf of all people who received the Christmas packages, and at their request, I wish to thank to all those who have worked hard to accomplish this job.
 Have a healthy, lucky new year and God bless you all! More pictures over here

Thank you,
Margareta Iancu

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