Friday, January 18, 2019


This is Puiu Dumitru our first social assisted person since 2003.That time they were living in Breaza, across our home together with his wife .
Theirs situation always were special and strange to the eyes of many people. They were living isolated without any contact with people in sever poorness which they also accepted, they refused any kind of help.They were satisfied with their life but in  2010 they sold their home and moved to Filpisu Mic because they found a house with half of the pries they get for their home.They lived there together ,enjoying their privacy ,till the wife got seek and was necessary to intervene in their behalf.
With the help of Diakonia Foundation from Reghin they cleaned , disinfected her from bed bugs and head lies , we could call the ambulance . After one week of hospitalization we take her to Deda elderly home,her return home was not possible .Unfortunately she passed away only after 2 weeks. The city hall arranged the funerals.
To Puiu it was also kind of  relief so he made all kind of plan for the future .We ware helping him with food and other things necessary, the idee to bring him to a nursing center he was definitely refusing. But as the summer came his condition turned from bad to worse,he got blind suddenly .One occasion  we went there we found him in not human condition, hungry and week he could hardly stay on his legs, begging for help .It had to be done something and fast. The ambulance came and he was taken to the hospital, where were made the necessary documents and consultations to can be transferred  later on to the Elderly home in Deda. The  Foundation was taking the responsibility to pay his monthly tax ,medication and further the documentation to get the first disability grade for his blindness.
Since June  2018 he is living over there, he got accommodated quit fast the whole medical team was
taking good care of him . He received meal , a warm bead to sleep, love and care, from the whole team, more than he ever hoped.
In September he had received his  first pension , which was enough to cover all his cost there but this was only for 1 year until May 2019. So it was necessary to find another solution for the future.We made all necessary investigation and documents  again to be moved to a state Eldery home in  Ideci where he can leave .There was told us that he will be accepted only if he can see and being able to arrange himself because by the nursing part they ware fool.
In December we made an appointment by an Ophthalmology  Surgeon and on 21 December was operated ,removed the cataract.Thanks to Stichting Promotie who payed the intervention cost Puiu can see now with one eye, he regain 80% his seeing. Second operation will be after 6 months.He is overenthusiastic with his new condition and grateful for all the support and care.
 Puiu already accepted his fate that he will live all his life blind ,but we proved him that hoping and fighting together,not giving up, we can do great things, this was a team work which changed a person life in good. 
Monday he is transferred  to Ideci elderly home where he was finally accepted with his new condition.
This project broth us lot of satisfaction and happiness, turned to a happy end. I am grateful for everyone's help and support!
Thank you!
Best regards,
Imola and Csabi Fazakas
pictures with Floare Coman 
pictures about Puiu intervention

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