Thursday, January 17, 2019

Letter for thanking the hospital beads

To Ms Imola Fazakas from  Foundation Van Den Heerik,
We would like to convey this thank-you letter as a sign of appreciation and respect to the initiative you  had ,to donate hospital furniture to the Pediatric Cardiology Department of our institution. Thanks to your generosity , our institution will be able to achieve our goals in increasing the quality of our services for the care of our little patients.
We can not know all the people who think about our institution and the support they offer us ,  but we know they are somewhere present in our lives. It would give us  a special pleasure to meat you once and thank you personally for your  kindness.
The Gates of the Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular and Transplant Disease in Tg.Mures are always open  for you and let us know you  are close to us.

We always live with the certainty that only united we can make the world better and, in our case, healthier.
Thank you for everything!
Manager Prof.Dr.Klara Branzaniuc
together with the whole  Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular and Transplant collective Targu Mures

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