Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Report of Henk Muller

``Dear people of Foundation van den Heerik and Stichting Promotie,

Thank you for the wonderful help you give us to help others. On monday 16 dec. your truck arrived in Deaj, Mures at the address of our volunteers Viorel and Aurelia Lacatus. I was very happy to arrive in time from The Netherlands to welcome you. We are very grateful for this special and direct shipment since we did not have to take the many goods from Breaza. Thank you also again for the transport of our goods from The Netherlands to Romania (and also from different places in The Netherlands to your warehouse in Broek op Langedijk).Together with our things you gave us 200 Christmas packages with a very nice and useful content and beside that many cookies, muesli bars and chocolates. We have been distributing the packages together with cookies etc. in several places. These were: Tirgu Mures, Valea Rece (50 packages), Tirnaveni (20), Ceuas (45), Deaj (65), Bagaciu (2), Laslea (8), Dumbraveni (5) and still 5 to give away. For pictures, see the attachment and our facebook page where you can read also more stories and reports.
The people received the goods with great joy and thankfulness. 
We are also very grateful for the tons (!) of other aid you have given us through this year and the money and material to built roofs and houses for very poor and often desperate people. You provided also roofplates and some other buildingmaterial for our new warehouse of 150 m2 in Deaj. We see doors going open which we have never dreamed of before. Also a special thanks to Imola and Csabi for the wonderful cooperation, trust and kindness they share with us. All this makes it possible for us to do much more then just by ourselves as a small foundation.Together we are strong! It was also very nice to meet the drivers of the truck, Gerrit and Jacob. Great that these men are willing to spend in this way their time and energy to help others. Above all we thank our heavenly Father that He makes all this possible and that he shows us in Jesus Christ how to be a blessing to others. May Christ be born in our hearts! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very blessed New Year.

Henk Muller

chairman/ fieldworker``

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Taste of Christmas

``Yesterday night our after school from Apalina did they Christmas celebration at the church. a lot of parents came and we celebrated with gypsy children. It was great to have all the cookies and biscuits what you provided so the children could receive it. Thank you very much!It was very good!``
Toth Attila

Second transport with the Christmas packages

In the afternoon ,14 December arrived the second transport with the rest of the packages Gerrit de Boer and Jacob Rispens the two drivers remained with  us until Wednesday and helped us .
Sunday we went to Urmenis where we helped Elena giving out  one part of the packages in the gypsy community ,where she needs help usually . The rest will do with the help of Nelu .
Near the packages by the families where we saw young children's we gave school bags too.These ones we have received from the Organization ``Our life Mission  ``lead by John Fracker .We got 100 school bags  inside with tooth past , socks, sweats ,pencils, hand shoes, notebooks, and many interesting things for kids.We took to Urmenis 75 the rest we gave out in other places.
Monday morning we have started to unload the truck . We received the rest of  810 Christmas packages, nearby many tasty cakes , cookies and biscuits ,all these  we can cheer with  many Organizations and churches for their holiday  programs .Some part of the loud belong to Henk  Muller  also, which St.  Promotie transported for him to Breaza. All these goods we loud back in the truck together with the 200 Christmas packages and delivered him personally to Deaj. In the trailer we loud also  the packages for Toth Attila. It was a busy day but we managed to do lot with the help of Gerrit and Jacob.Tuesday two more contacts had to get their Christmas packages: Rodica Bandila the nurse from the elderly home in Deda  and Organization ``Our life Mission ``in Viile Tecii.
Everyone was satisfied with the content of the packages and grateful for the help.All of our contact will report soon about the way the packages were received.
Wendsday at 14:00 o`clock the drivers were heading back to Holland with a new loud of Velomobiel bikes.We had a great time with them both ,they were a real help for us in these days!Thank you and wish them a safe trip back to their families.
Wednesday also we meet William from Canada who stooped by it was nice to see him after such a long time.
Thank you all for your efforts and help!
 Wish you all Merry Christmas !
 More pictures over here
 Fazakas Imola and Csabi

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Christmas package action started

On 19 November the truck arrived  with one part  of  the Christmas packages.Their distribution was started right  away between our contacts:Community of Unoca and Toldal 60 packages, Community of Oroszfaja and Komlod 30 packages,Community of Voivodeni 60 packages, Community of Urmenis and area 150 packages. All our contacts will report about their action ,which can be fallowed on the blog.
On 3 and 4 December with the help of the children we delivered 80 Christmas presents to the elders and social cases in Breaza. This year also,as in every year before Christmas, we received a warm and joyful welcome from everyone.
We could see the appreciation and happiness on their faces .Thank you so much for the help of the volunteers ,who each year surprise us with their enormous work ,also to the sponsors who`s devotion to help those in need has no limits !Wish you in the name of our beneficiaries a blessed holiday season and a Happy New Year!
Some pictures beneficiaries in Breaza
Best regards!
Imola Fazakas

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Report from Mures Counthy Clinical Hospital

  • ``Dear and esteemed members of the Foundation,

    I would like to thank you in this way for the enormous help you have offered through Mrs. Imola Fazakas to the departments of the Mureș County Clinical Hospital.
    We have received from you countless goods like hospital beds, bedding and pillows which are of real use to our patients.
    These beds were distributed to the following departments: Internal Medicine, Pneumology, Infectious Diseases; the bedding and pillows were evenly distributed to all the 16 sections of the Mureș County Clinical Hospital.
    We express our sincere gratitude in this way and we wish you much work power and good health!
    God bless you in everything you do!
    We send also the photos  about of distribution of beds to the four departments: Internal Medicine, Pneumology, Infectious Disease I,Infectious Disease II.

    With utmost respect and consideration,
    Medical Director - Dr. Edith Simona Ianosi
    Manager-Dr.Ovidiu Garbovan
    Pictures over here

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Chrismas packages has ben arrived to Breaza

Tuesday evening  arrived the first truck with the Christmas packages from Sichting Promotie Holland . We have unloaded  the truck that evening together with the help of  our kids .Stihting Phoneo  received thei paart too ,next day morning the he drivers Abe and Sam delivered their paart too. At 13:30 o`clock the truck was already on his way back to Holland.

Yesterday and today we already started to give out the packages between our collaborators .
This loud from the picture goes to Urmenis by Elena she will start it`s distribution from 1December among the social cases.
 Today the hospital from Targu Mures picked up 30 infusion support.15 pieces went also to the Hospital in Reghin together with 5 boxes of pillows and 1 Emergency chair which came from Class.Thank you for it!
The clouding and medical boxes Csabi delivered yesterday to Diakonia Foundation Reghin .
More pictures over here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

``Cold Valley ``gipsy comunity Targu Mures

"Oct. 20 and 21 we laid roofs on 5 houses in the slum of Valea Rece in Tirgu Mures. Valea Rece means "cold valley". Well, it certainly wasn't then, because the sun was shining on us with warm rays. The materials for the roofs were supplied by Stichting Promotie(Noord-Scharwoude) and their sister organization Foundation van Den Heerik Breaza, Ro. We laid the roofs with volunteers from Deaj, Mures (Roma helping Roma!), arranged the transport of the materials from Breaza and gave the diligent workers food and drink. We want to come back later to provide two more houses with new roofs. We have been helping these people for a few years with food and clothes, etc. We are happy that we could now give them a roof over their heads with the help of the other foundations. A very nice collaboration!"
Henk Muller

Friday, May 17, 2019

Our Life Mission is based out of Viile Tecii. We are grateful for the help you are sending to Romania to help so many families through out the year. We had the privilege to help many families this past Easter because  of your help sent this year. Many families wouldn`t  have seen this type of love during the holidays without your help.We serve in four churches with the Gypsies and it`s difficult to tell about the love of God sometimes when we know they hungry, but with your help we are able to reach out with a care package of food and not only tell them about the love of Jesus but also shown them a love as well.Thank you for this help and all you do for ministries like ours.
Beside  our churches we have outreaches with families living in some of the hardest conditions like the river outside of Bistrita also up in Vatava out in the well as city slum areas.It`s hard to imagine living like many in thise locations  especially the children so to have a hand reaching out to so many blessed us this year.Together we are making a difference and showing others the example of what God like, love,looks like our prayers are God will continue to bless your ministry and ours as we partner together for the Kingdom of God.
John Fracker
Our Life Mission

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mail from Henk Muller

Dear people from Stichting Promotie and of Foundation van den Heerik,

Last week 8-th of July we received  from your depot in Breaza again many helpful goods. They were: 
3 pallets of Biscuits, 1 pallet of Chips, 1 pallet of lentils and 4 pallets of sunflower seeds. The last mentioned you have transported for us from the Netherlands. We left two other pallets of sunflower seeds behind for your own contacts who work for the poor. Untill last Sunday we have been distributing a big part of the goods to the follwing places: Deaj, Mures, Tirgu Mures, Sancrai de Mures, Dumbraveni , Hosman en Tichendeal in the Sibiu district. Later we will distribute more and a part of the lentils we will keep for our soupkitchen. We have mentioned again your donation on our timeline of facebook. There you will find also many pictures. In the attachment we share also some. We are very grateful for your donations and the kind help of Imola and Csabi. God bless you and your good work!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Caren from Peris

 Carin send some pictures from Haranglab as she is giving out for the young mothers pempers and some food products. Here are Some pictures
Yesterday also she came for more  products because she went this morning again . This time she took some green beans, biscuits, chips .

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Easter Package Distribution by Szep Eduard

This Easter I had the possibility of distributing food packages in three villages.
Comlod, Orosfaia and Sopteriu are isolated little villages in Bistrita- Nasaud county. The nearest city, Bistrita is 60 km away. The majority of the population is above the age of 70, retired and living alone, struggling with the illneses of old age. 
In total 31 people got help. They received the Easter presents happily and with teary eyes.

We thank the Van den Heerik and Promotie Foundations for the support!
God bless your life and work!

Best regards,
Eduard Szep
Reformed pastor

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Ester Package Action 2019 has been finished successfully, our contacts are sending their pictures and thank letters. Here  is one of them:
My name is Iancu Margareta, from Sebes, Alba County and I  want to thank all of you in the name of the beneficiars from “Trebuie!” Organization Sebes and from “Sfanta Elisabeta” Asociation from  Sebes roma comunity for the Easter Present Boxes.
We received 260 present boxes from Mrs. Imola Fazakas from Breaza. These presents made a great joy and brought lots of happiness in many families. Our beneficiary are poor people, old single people, disabled people, large families with many children, and students from the Sports High-school. The students were so happy too.I will attach photos to show you where the presents go and whom we made happy for Easter.
 Thank you!
God bless you all!
 Margareta Iancu Sebes – Alba.

  Pictures from Margareta Iancu from Trebuie Organisation /St.Elisabeth Org.Sebes-Alba -Alba district.
More pictures from two other Organisations :
Vlaic Fanica from the Cristian Organization  Adin Filip Deda district Mures - Denes Csaba Rev. from the Voivodeni Reformed church Voivodeni district Mures

Monday, April 15, 2019

Report from Stichting Romana

Dear people,

Last tuesday, 9-th of april we received from you in Breaza 2400 kg of green beans in pots, 19 matresses and some boxes of chips. 
Thank you very much for this great donation and the kind help of Csabi and Imola. Your donation means a great help for us. We have stored most of the goods in our shop/depot in Deaj. During this year we will use it in our soupkitchen or give it away gradually. But the next day I brought also many pots of beans and some boxes of chips to the Education-Life-Project in Hosman, Sibiu. During their school home work program they feed every day about 50 children.
 Every time we mention your name on our Dutch facebook page about your donations. See below for this time. We gave also recently of your beans and chips away to poor Roma in Tirgu Mures. See the pictures below. The last 4 pictures in the attachment are about this.
(facebook report: "Dinsdag 9 april veel goederen van stichting Promotie ( gekregen: 2400 kg groene boontjes in potten, 19 matrassen en ettelijke dozen chips. We hebben het opgehaald van hun depot in Breaza, Mures en werden we weer allervriendelijks geholpen door de beheerders. Veel van de spullen hebben we in onze depot/winkel in Deaj opgeslagen. In de loop van het jaar gebruiken we het voor onze gaarkeuken en om uit te delen. De volgende dag heb ik op weg naar Nederland een deel van de spullen gebracht bij het Education-Life-Project in Hosman ( Ook veel kleding wat pastor Sorin Boica zal uitdelen aan de meest armen in zijn buurt. Namens de stichting, hartelijk dank voor de fijne samenwerking en deze grote donatie, Henk Muller")

Kind regards,
Henk Muller

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Food program beneficiaries received also their Easter packages

Yesterday 9 March with our youngest volunteers  from Casa Jannie gave out the Eastern packages for our'' Monthly  Food Program Beneficiaries ''in the willage of Breaza. There is a lot of sadness in many houses:  people who are suffering from  the loss of their loved ones, suffering from  disease, from loneliness from  poorness, all kind of reasons. What can be donne ?How can you help? Everyone I think is questioning that ...together we are able to bring  a moment of  joy to all these people life. Life is hard for many of them and with our actions  near the nice products ,we are bringing also a glimpse of hope .  Thank you for the help and involvement!                                                   See the  pictures .

Monday, April 1, 2019

Easter packages 2019

Thursday morning the truck arrived with the Easter packages .The drivers are Charles and Gerrit,they will stay with us until Monday to help with  its distribution .We had a busy day as we were ready in Breaza the drivers delivered  out some packages  to Stichting  Phoneo in Reghin
 Later on  we went to Deda where our contact Rodica from the Medico-Social Center Deda waited them .As you know already her targets are mostly elders with all kind of health problems . In the willage we have Mr.Vlaicu who  is helping the Roma community in the area .His part of packages is coming with the second transport on 16 April.
Friday we made two teams one(Charles and Ildiko) went to the beneficiaries  of ``Bread for the body, bread for the soul``program  lead by Reformed Pastor Szep Ildiko in Breaza and Filpisu Mic and another team(Csabi, Gerrit and me) went to Bistrita where one member of the Organisation ``Our life Mission ``lead by an american John Fracker introduced  us heir work. The first destination was in Viisoara a roma community who had their houses on the river side. Due the heavy rain a few weeks ago, their home were almost flooded and the Organisation together with the City hall Bistrita   managed to move them in two containers further from the city.
The second destination was in town of  Bistrita .There was a community of  40-50 persons living in terrible conditions in cartoon and plastic houses.
Saturday arrived also the green beans conserve from Marghita .The transport was made by a local Firma called Agrosprint  for free.We are thankful for the help. 
Around 12:00 o`clock we left  to Urmenis by Elena there we went among the roma community in Urmenis and Sopteriu totally 70 packages we gave out. Monday the drivers left early in the morning back to Holland .Thank you for their help and everyone else who take part in this action!
Best regards!
Imola  Fazakas

Friday, February 22, 2019

Report on the services performed in 2018

 As an assistant pastor of the Dean’s Office, pastor in the hospital in Reghin as well as co-worker at the Van den Heerik Foundation, my service consists of three parts, as follows:
1.On Sundays, worship service in the congregations of the diocese, where they ask me to serve as substitute, as well as substitute for the Dean in his congregation when I am asked to do so.
2.On Monday, Tuesday and Friday – visiting patients, pastoral care In Filpișu Mic and Breaza.
3.On Wednesday, Thursday – service in the Municipal Hospital Eugen Nicoara in the following wards: Dermatology, Internal Medicine Ward, Surgery, Gynecology, Maternity Ward, Children’s Ward, Ward of Infectious Diseases, ENT.

 1.On the occasion of Sunday sermons, I served in the following congregations: Breaza, Peris, Filpisu Mic, Pacureni,Teaca, Reghin.
2.In the socio-pastoral programme “Bread for the Body, Bread for the Soul”, which was launched by the Dutch Foundation - Van den Heerik in Breaza. As of June 1st, 2011, 102 people subscribed. Of these, in 2018, 70 people received help. From Filpișu Mic- 21 people, Breaza- 49, in total- 70 people.
In addition, the number of occasional patients is 15.

Besides caring for the old and sick people, I took their blood pressure and blood sugar level. I also gave out home-care equipment (3 wheelchairs, 4 crutches, a toilet seat, 2 walking frames, diapers for 20 people, 4 beds) . Every month I brought diapers to the bedridden  patients.  I gave out medical equipment for the local hospitals, care homes and healthcare centers. This year we gave out hearing aids to 11 people.  I undertook the collection of the taken pictures and their transmission to Fazakas Imola, the leader of the Van den Heerik Foundation in Breaza.
I would like to thank the Van den Heerik Foundation, in the name of the patients, the food packages, which were delivered in Christmas and Easter.

3.I started my work in the Christmas of 2008 in the Municipal Hospital Eugen Nicoara in Reghin. I did the counseling work of the patients, their family members (sometimes the hospital staff’s) voluntarily and occasionally, but with love. During the holidays I held worship services, I delivered the Communion in every hospital ward.

As of June 1st, 2011, I now officially and weekly continued what I have begun/started earlier, as subordinate pastor of the Dean. In the year of 2018 I visited a total of 520 patients. On the occasion of these visits I performed the following services: pastoral counselling and conversations with the patients, distribution of prayer books, Bibles, Christian literature among the people in the hospital, worship services. I delivered the Communion in total to 57 people. Monthly, on average, I visit 50 people in the hospital. This year, during Christmas we distribuited 100 packages among the patients, regardless of denomination. The needed money for these packages was provided by the Transylvanian Reformed Church District.
God bless you!
Yours sincerely,
              Szép Ildikó
Breaza, 15. 02. 2019

Third transport

This morning arrived the truck with the construction materials. A small amount was unload in Breaza  the rest went to Toth Attila in Peris. The building materials he can use by the construction of his children home.
This ist the  first time when the transport was made by a Romanian company. Everything went well also in Peris. Because was not possible to enter in the yard there, or to stop be side the main street they had to unload by  the closest side street  . Attila was very satisfied with the materials he received.
Thank you !

Friday, January 18, 2019


This is Puiu Dumitru our first social assisted person since 2003.That time they were living in Breaza, across our home together with his wife .
Theirs situation always were special and strange to the eyes of many people. They were living isolated without any contact with people in sever poorness which they also accepted, they refused any kind of help.They were satisfied with their life but in  2010 they sold their home and moved to Filpisu Mic because they found a house with half of the pries they get for their home.They lived there together ,enjoying their privacy ,till the wife got seek and was necessary to intervene in their behalf.
With the help of Diakonia Foundation from Reghin they cleaned , disinfected her from bed bugs and head lies , we could call the ambulance . After one week of hospitalization we take her to Deda elderly home,her return home was not possible .Unfortunately she passed away only after 2 weeks. The city hall arranged the funerals.
To Puiu it was also kind of  relief so he made all kind of plan for the future .We ware helping him with food and other things necessary, the idee to bring him to a nursing center he was definitely refusing. But as the summer came his condition turned from bad to worse,he got blind suddenly .One occasion  we went there we found him in not human condition, hungry and week he could hardly stay on his legs, begging for help .It had to be done something and fast. The ambulance came and he was taken to the hospital, where were made the necessary documents and consultations to can be transferred  later on to the Elderly home in Deda. The  Foundation was taking the responsibility to pay his monthly tax ,medication and further the documentation to get the first disability grade for his blindness.
Since June  2018 he is living over there, he got accommodated quit fast the whole medical team was
taking good care of him . He received meal , a warm bead to sleep, love and care, from the whole team, more than he ever hoped.
In September he had received his  first pension , which was enough to cover all his cost there but this was only for 1 year until May 2019. So it was necessary to find another solution for the future.We made all necessary investigation and documents  again to be moved to a state Eldery home in  Ideci where he can leave .There was told us that he will be accepted only if he can see and being able to arrange himself because by the nursing part they ware fool.
In December we made an appointment by an Ophthalmology  Surgeon and on 21 December was operated ,removed the cataract.Thanks to Stichting Promotie who payed the intervention cost Puiu can see now with one eye, he regain 80% his seeing. Second operation will be after 6 months.He is overenthusiastic with his new condition and grateful for all the support and care.
 Puiu already accepted his fate that he will live all his life blind ,but we proved him that hoping and fighting together,not giving up, we can do great things, this was a team work which changed a person life in good. 
Monday he is transferred  to Ideci elderly home where he was finally accepted with his new condition.
This project broth us lot of satisfaction and happiness, turned to a happy end. I am grateful for everyone's help and support!
Thank you!
Best regards,
Imola and Csabi Fazakas
pictures with Floare Coman 
pictures about Puiu intervention

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Letter for thanking the hospital beads

To Ms Imola Fazakas from  Foundation Van Den Heerik,
We would like to convey this thank-you letter as a sign of appreciation and respect to the initiative you  had ,to donate hospital furniture to the Pediatric Cardiology Department of our institution. Thanks to your generosity , our institution will be able to achieve our goals in increasing the quality of our services for the care of our little patients.
We can not know all the people who think about our institution and the support they offer us ,  but we know they are somewhere present in our lives. It would give us  a special pleasure to meat you once and thank you personally for your  kindness.
The Gates of the Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular and Transplant Disease in Tg.Mures are always open  for you and let us know you  are close to us.

We always live with the certainty that only united we can make the world better and, in our case, healthier.
Thank you for everything!
Manager Prof.Dr.Klara Branzaniuc
together with the whole  Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular and Transplant collective Targu Mures

more photos

Letter from Levente reformed priest in Kisfulpos

Dear leaders,members from  Stichting  Promotie and Van den Heerik Foundation!
Every year continually we have several activities in our congregation, at Kisfülpös, beside the sermons. These activities has not just the meaning to be together, to feel the power of community. The main reason of our occasions are to learn more about God’s message. This work it has to start in the family and is needed to continue until the end of our life. We need God’s direction, othervise we miss the aim easily without it. This aim is served by the Bible- classes for children, for youth people, for all of the congregation’s age group.   Currently the Bible-education happens in three children groups, 1 group for youth (15-18 ages), 1 group for adults. In summer-time we had „congregation-piknik”, where  almost the whole congregation was represented –from babies to old persons. In the end of august we had the Bible-week for the little children, and what we learned together we showed for the congregation in our church. For these occasions we got from Imola and Csaba some delicios biscuits, and other sweet surprises for children and youth persons. Also at Christmas-time we could make packages for children and older people above 70 years old. The packages for children also was made from your support.  In the name of our congregation thank you for suporting us for years to make people happier with your presents. They were so happy and thankful!
We express our gratitude with the Aaronic Blessing, from Num. 6,24-26:
„The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.”
pastor Nagy-Vajda Levente

Monday, January 14, 2019

Letter from Elena from Urmenis

Dear member of Foundation "VAN DEN HEERIK"
Elena , social worker in Urmenis

We want to  express our gratitude for your help, for the generosity and goodwill that you have shown to us.The Christmas presents sent to us this year too, broth smiles and joy to 140 families in Urmenis. Families with many children, elders or families to whom destiny was not generous at all. Thank you, and we thank to the Van den Heerik Foundation Breaza to Imola and Csaba, who were with us to visit all these familyes in Urmenis area.Thank you for Gerrit and Jelle for their  generous help . I think I'm a lucky man that I had the privilege of knowing such people and especially calling them my friends.
Thank you all, for helping our community and thank you for teaching us to give a hand those in need.

With great gratitude and respect
Negru Elena,

Friday, January 11, 2019

Report of Association,, Voice of Reghin ``

As  appreciation for the gifts you have given us through Ms. Fazakas Imola and Csaba Regina's Voice Association, Petru Maior Technological High School Reghin,  the gifts we have given to 20 families, carefully selected, because there are many families with very large needs in our area.
As co-coordinating teachers of this association, we want to offer  to  the childrens, models of humanity, but we are also impressed by the joy and appreciation we saw  in the eyes of those we wish to redeem. The volunteers selected within this association are students of our high school, young people willing to do good, who, as they have the opportunity, offers their help to the underprivileged.
These families we help have souls full of sincere gratitude and our help with you is a source of survival for them. I have carefully selected families with more children, they are between 5-12 children / family, I have taken pictures of family representatives, and some of the children are immobilized in bed. The needs of these families are real, some have terminal cancer, others are grandparents who are hard to grow orphaned, others have homes almost fallen on them.
We appreciate your goodwill, we are grateful for what you do for us, we want to work together in the future if possible.
We believe that the most valuable thing in life is to reach the heart of those next to us. We want to wish a year blessed by God, full of health!
Regards, Association Voice of  Reghin
Pictures can be seen over here

Monday, January 7, 2019

Children's Christmas Celebration in the reformed church of Beresztelke

Christmas Eve 2018, the Holy Night in the church  of  Beresztelke broth  together  children and grownup , young and elders. The evening in the church started with  worship and continued with the children's Christmas program. More than 50 children said poetry and sang in two groups. We made 95 packages for this Christmas for the children, thanks to the Van den Heerik Foundation. On behalf of children and parents, we would like to thank the leaders and members of the Foundation for the Christmas packages which they provided this year too.

God's blessing  accompany each of your life in 2019, may He walk in front of us, Be behind us and hold His hands above us!
``May the road rise to meet you. May the wind  always be at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face.And rains fall soft upon your fields.And until we meet again ,May God hold you in the palm of His hand.``(Irish blessing)
 Ref.pastor Szep Eduard
 More pictures over here

Tigmandru By Horea Tamasan

Hello everyone!
 This year, 2018, too, we received packages as gifts for  Christmas. They contained lots of  food for the poor people in Tigmandru.
Imolo and Csabi gave us 90 boxes with food and toys for those in need.  Together with several helpers from the village we distribued them to the poor families.
From the packages received from the Van Den Heerik Foundation Breaza we offered help to some families, children and adults of  Livezeni village, to the place where  we are building a house for a very poor family from Tg Mures. We express our gratitude for the effort made!Thank you for the kindness and support you show to us every time in the celebration season.
May God bless you abundantly! More pictures see over here.
Yours faithfully,

Pastor Horea Tămășan

Report from Sebes by Margareta Iancu

``Dear friends
 On the occasion of the holy celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we received Christmas gifts from the Van den Heerik Organisation trough the intermediary of Mrs. Imola and Csabi Fazakas from Breaza, Mures County.
These Christmas packages were distributed by Mrs. Iancu Margareta from the “Sfanta Elisabeta” Organization  Sebes and the volunteers of the Organization for Children and Adults with Special Needs “Trebuie!” Sebes.
 On this gifts benefited the poor families with many children, the sick and alone eldery people, disabled people, and a group of poor children at risk of social exclusionn attending the School Dropout  Centre at the sports high school from Sebes.
These Christmas presents have enjoyed the souls of the people from defaulted groups, making their holydays more beutiful, because the friends in the Netherlands have not forgotten them neither this year.
On the behalf of all people who received the Christmas packages, and at their request, I wish to thank to all those who have worked hard to accomplish this job.
 Have a healthy, lucky new year and God bless you all! More pictures over here

Thank you,
Margareta Iancu

Report from Toth Attila for the Christmas packages 2018

``Dear Friends 

Greetings to you from Roumania.  First of all I want to wish you a very successful and Happy New Year, I hope you had a great celebration at Christmass.
In this short letter I want to thank you very much for the food packages what we received from you at December. We are so thankful that now since year you are providing this food packages so thatway we can help the poor gipsy and needy family around Christmass. These year we received from you 125 food packages. Most of this packages was gave out in a gipsy village called Apalina where we shared even before. In this gipsy community are living more than 3000 gipsies. A lot of them are in a very difficult situation. At winter time even those whom are working during the summer in construction and agriculture they are home without work so everybody was very happy and thankful to receive the food package from you. 
Next to Apalina we went to Gornesti and Jara and we visited widows and very needy families whom are living in very desperate situation. Most of these widows are living from a very little pension so they have difficulty to pay the electricity bill and the wood for heating. Some of them are living by themselves and nobody are taking care of them, IT was such a joy to see their thankful face as we gave them your foodpackage. Thank you very much for making this peoples time much nicer
God bless you for your generosity
I send you pictures attached
With thanks and restpect
pastor Attila Toth``
Pictures over here