Monday, December 3, 2018

Arrival of Christmas packages in Breaza

Hello everyone!
I must say that  we have been impressed haw many people gathered this year also  by Promotie to help making packages for the the poor people in Romania. It is true ,the demand is huge every year we meet more and more places where help is requested so everyone help is needed.Thank you for your care and help !
The first truck arrived with Christmas packages for this year also.The drivers will spend a few days with us to help with distribution.
Today the drivers Gerrit and Jelle helped Ildiko to bring out 39 packages in Breaza and Filpisu Mic. See the pictures from them over here.
In the meantime we gave out  the packages to our contacts   Reformed pastor Denes Csaba  from Voivodeni 45 packages, and to Horea Tamasan from Tigmandru 90 packages.
In the afternoon the Phoneo  from Reghin received also their part ,the drivers  delivered  them personally the packages.
Tomorrow morning we bring the 90 packages to Deda and from 13:00 o`clock  we are helping Elena in Urmenis .
Christmas time should be a joyful  time for everyone ,however every year we meet people who lost their loved ones, their homes, their jobs , their family and their quality of life. So let`s bring some joy in those peoples life !
 Best regards!
Imola  and Csabi

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