Wednesday, October 3, 2018


On  2  nd October we have received the 13-th  transport this year.The drivers were Siem and Charles.We have unload  in the evening ,together with a few villager and our kids.The truck is already on his way back to Holland .
The protein we gave to the chicken farmer,who offered us in exchange 20 chickens and eggs for the whole year  for the internat consumption .

A willage nearby Reghin  called Petrilaca,with some families in need.We broth some crackers for them .
Yesterday I have visited Puiu in Deda`s elderly home. The paper work for his transfer toked much longer time as I thought. What we need  is still one empowering certificate from a notary that I can go in his name to open a bank account, for his pension .Tomorrow I met the director from Ideci Elderly home to see if we have all the requested papers.
Puiu is lucking well,he  is happy there ,quiet,evriione likes him. I will buy for him a radio with head sets that he can listen the news.
I would like to bring some kind of games there too for everyone ,like sah , cards, table to have some kind of activity's.
I have found some  things in the barn next time I will bring it there.

Starting from this week we have three more kids by the after-school program, two girls and one boy of  9 year old. They start at 14:00 until 16:00.

Best regards,
Imola and Csabi

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