Thursday, August 30, 2018

Puiu Dumitru

Puiu Dumitru is satisfied with his new life in the Social Center Deda. This is his second month and it is temporary,until I manage to make all papers necessary to be moved in Ideci Elderly home.
He receaved the 1st  disability grade for 1 year, this means his pension will grow with 1165 which will be enough for the payment of the elderly home starting with September . After one year his  condition will be re-evaluated, probably necessary for operation. Which at the moment he refuses. 
Next week he has appointments to the cardiology and psychiatrist control. 

Aid distribution among Hospitals district Mures

Between our contact the city hospital in Reghin is a place where continuously we are sending goods.
In the last transport we have receive 4 will-chairs,one was broth to the Pediatric Department, one to the Intern Department,one to the Emergency department, and one goes to the Dermatology department. There is request for will chairs, walking sticks and frame,toilet chairs.
To the O.R.L Department is needed furniture,consultation table,chairs .
More picture over here.

A new collaboration  started with the Neuropsychiatric children  hospital  from Tg.Mures.
Three weeks ago we have send there mattresses,chairs,couches, medical suplies. Next week they send the car for the three hospital beads, and two couches which came with the last transport.
There is  need for more electric hospital beads.
More pictures over here
Hospital bead were sent also to the Hospital Tg.Mures Contagious Department, they will send report and pictures .
Rodica Bandila ,nurse by the Socio-medical Center in Deda, was yesterday by us, they asked for biscuits which they can offer for the people as snacks between the meals. They received also furniture, waking frames.They thank your generosity!