Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Request from TBC department Tagu Mures Hospital

Dear Imola,
Here I send the list with our necessities and the pictures from the Ambulatory hospital. Anything from the list would be a great help for us.

Thank you from all my hearth!
Ianosi Edith.

List  neccessary for the ambulatory of the TBC hospital
1.   Spirometer
2.   Sputum induction machine = aerosol
3.   Furniture for files
4.   Benches for the waiting room
5.   Ventillation system
6.   Washable paint
7.   Oil paint for the walls
8.   Oil paint for the doors and windows
9.   Faience, floor tiles
10.     Adhesive or glue for tile
11.     Parquet, flooring

Dr.Ianosi Edith Simona
Senior pulmonologist
More phothos over here

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