Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New social case :Puiu Dumitru from Filpisu Mic

Puiu Dumitru 68 years old man , lives alone in Filpisu Mic after the death of his wife (Coman Floare). His situation turned dramatically from bad to worse, he got blind in the last two weeks.
He has no family and support from anyone. His only income is a small pension of 520 lei .
After the wife's death we offered him our support in helping him moved in an elderly home ,but he refused it ,saying is not necessary at the moment.
Saturday together with Family Van den Heerik we visited him ,along other members of our food program .We found him in very bad situation (see on the pictures), mess in the house, dirty,hungry and crying .He sad please help me!...words can not describe his situation .
Monday morning together with the willage social worker called the Ambulance and he was taken to the City Hospital in Reghin to the Contagious department.
Tomorrow we must take him to the Ophthalmology clinic for a medical consultation and prove of his blindness.
Friday he will be released and broth directly to Deda Elderly Home .The foundation will need to pay his tax until we manage to get his disability documents ,around three months.
By getting the disability  grade his pension will grow and wont be necessary anymore the help of the Foundation.
I will keep you informed about the further situation .
Thank you for your help!             More pictures over here!
Imola Fazakas

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