Tuesday, May 8, 2018

News from Toth Attila

Dear friends,
 Greetings to you from Romania.  In this short letter we want to express that we are very thankful for all the help that you provided with these food packages and other necessities to people that are very much in need in the communities that we gave to.
                        The communities of Apalina and Glodeni  are  known to be  the cruelest  if but also a very poor regions of Mures county, where the lack of work and possibilities of finding one makes the lives of the people that live there very hard. Most of the people from these communities work only from spring till autumn when some of them can find work in agriculture in other countries or in autumn even in our country when there is apple picking time or other fruit or vegetables.
                        That’s why they lack of food and clothing, which are the basic necessity of a human being and for this reason they steal and some of them are in jails, criminality being on a high rate. Mostly men are in jails leaving their families with a wife that doesn’t work taking care maybe of several children and with no possibility of leaving them in a daycare to go to work .Daycares have a fee too so they can’t afford to pay it when there are times when children and adult don’t eat almost anything all day long.
                        Children do not attend school because they don’t have clothes to wear especially when it is cold outside and in this part of the country there are rather harsh winter times.
                        Some of the families in Glodeni don’t even get the social money, which is the only help that they get from the Government, as they have to pay first the taxes on the land they built their house or at least part of the taxes with that proof they could get the money but the same problem shows up: the lack of money.
                        The most difficult situations are when they got sick as there are some fee free medical attendance provided by the Governement if they have insurance but if there are urgent tests that must be done,  they must  pay them as there is no time waiting for the availability of free tests from the Government and the fees at private hospitals are quite high.
                        In the light of all these we thank you very much the help you sent to these people and they are also very thankful for these as the food and the necessities form the packets made, at least a few days from their lives, a little brighter as they had food for them and their families.
Thank you very very much for your generous help
With love Attila Toth
 Pictures with Easter package distribution  watch  over here

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