Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Report from Sebes-Alba

Dear member of Foundation Van den Heerik and Promotie,

For this year  also  190 people from ``Trebuie ``Organization ( Children and Adults with Special Needs) and the "St. Elisabeth" Roma Association in Sebes received Easter gifts from the Van den Heerik Foundation Breaza -  through Mrs. Imola and Csaba .
       Members of the Organization "Trebuie!" Sebes were eagerly awaiting these packages because they knew that they would not  be forgotten by the great-minded people who put effort and time in the realization to reward those in need.
On their behalf, Ms Gabriela Buta, the president of the organization, will thank you and wish you all the best!
       The people in the Sebes Roma community who enjoyed these gifts were selected as following:
- the elders who were left alone at home for their sons going abroad for a better life;
- grandparents or relatives who are dependent on minors are left home by their parents who do not care for children;
- sick people;
- Roma students who do not miss school and have very good school results.

A pleasant and unexpected surprise was also for a  family from Petresti - Alba, a town belonging to Sebes, me Margareta Iancu and two volunteers went at their door. This family is composed of 6 members - mother, father and 4 minors and living in a camper received "from a gentleman in the Netherlands who was merciful to us" - as Matei said earlier. At that moment of the visit by offering the Easter gifts, the parents and two older siblings were in the woods after firewood,  at home being just the two younger children who enjoyed the gifts.

On behalf of all the beneficiaries of these gifts, Margareta Iancu - an active volunteer, thank you for the joy ,that everyone involved in this action ,brought to  the life and the souls of those people who had more beautiful holidays !
Margareta Iantu

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