Thursday, March 22, 2018

Second truck arrive with Easter packages

21 March we unload the second truck with the Easter packages for our contacts: Toth Attila, Caren from Peris,Margareta from Sebes Alba. Near that we have received hospital beds,mattresses for an Elderly home , food for the monthly food program we have in   our willage Breaza, single beds with mattresses,clouding, medical supplies .
As soon we were ready we broth the hospital beads to Ideci elderly home (65 beneficiaries). There was introduced us the home by  Administrator Violeta a very kind lady .
They were truly glad for the beds ,because they were renovating 7 rooms for 14 persons by the second building and they needed  there beds with  metal side .
After lunch together with the truck drivers Gerrit and Rieks went to Urmenis to help Elena with the distribution .Despite the bad wetter snow, mud,cold ,flu we managed to give out 55 packages .
Next day early in the morning the drivers went back to Holland . Thank you very much for their help and have a safe trip back home!
more pictures over here
Best regards,
Imola Fazakas

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