Wednesday, March 14, 2018

News from Catharina and Mihai from Peris

``Me and my husband work in a village among the Romi from Haranglab,. The people there live in an extreme poorness. Every day it is a fight to survive. They live in very bad circumstances. Bad houses, no running water no toilets. Every day there is not enough food and the children suffer from this. They are very quick ill and do not have a resistance. Over 4 years we help this community where ever we can. Every week we go there 2 times handing out breads baked by the local bakery. Every family receives 2 big breads and with that we also give some groceries. In the cold winter days we make big pans of soup filled with meat and a lot of vegetables. For the children we make special small food packages. This include e.g. dairy products, fruit, bread, biscuits and a candy. We hand this out every week.
The biscuits we receive from foundation Promotie who has their location in Noord Scharwoude in the Netherlands. We receive it through Imola and Csaba who lives in Breaza in Romania. At Christmas time and with Easter we also receive from this foundation huge packages with al kind of groceries. The people are very grateful with this. It is a big help for them. More pictures over here ``
Kind regards,
Catharina van den Beek Barcsa and Mihai

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