Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter package action ready in Breaza

The Easter package action in Breaza is also ready. On 19 March with the help of our kids we gave out the packages  for the ``Food program beneficiaries`` in our community. Watch the pictures.
Also the Diakonal program Beneficiary got their packages, those ware divided by Pastor Szep Ildiko .

In the wintertime we have received from Stichting Promotie 1 palet of seeds. Paart of it we gave to  Toth Attila  in Peris(9 boxes)to start his new greenhouse project . At the moment they are busy with the construction of their  Children's home .The gardening  project will help them to be self sustainable.
The other part, on 23 March the whole community  of Breaza was invited to receive free  vegetable and flower seeds. More than hundred people came. The previous day together with Thea Wijnen and our kids we have selected the seeds on categories .Everyone could take one or two depend on the each quantity. The remained seeds are going to the Agricultural school in Reghin .
Thank everyone involvement who made this action possible .
Here are some pictures

On 26 March Toth Attila received his part of the packages.When he is ready will forward the report together with pictures.
This year we have included a new place of package  distribution in Vatava ,there is a very poor neighborhood with 25 families.
On 27 March our contact person Margareta from ``Trebuie Organisation ``came together with Buta Marius after the packages .Near the loud we gave also the beds together with mattresses.Her pictures and report are coming later on.

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