Thursday, February 22, 2018

Transport from February

This was the second transport of the year, with Siem and Sam as drivers. We have unloaded Tuesday (6 February) except the hospital beds, which we let for  the next day and we delivered it to the Social-Medical Center in Deda.

In Deda we broth 10  electric hospital beds with mattresses,toilet chair,mobile bath table.The mare of Deda send a few helpers to unload and also to bring up the beds on the second flour .On the meantime ware workers there to fix  the heating system.The wood heater brake down totally(exploded)so they were without heat for 2 weeks.They tried to install in each room electric heaters, but because of the big consumption the system was overloaded and burned out .The city hall bought now a new heater and they ware busy with his installation , after that they need to change all the electric system too..The plans are to develop and to make more rooms also on the 1 flour.
The Center has now a new director .At the moment are having 37 patients.
Ten mattresses we gave to Ideci Elderly home , there are 78 patients right now.

Clothing , biscuits, sultana , coloring and drawing materials we gave to: Diakonia Foundation,  Teleios Association  lead by Priest Toth Attilla, Reformed church Voivodeni,Phoneo.
More pictures over here
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