Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meal/grain from Holland

Along the year 2017 we have received from Stichting Promotie  8600 kg of meal/grains. Since 2005 our  Organization is running a project,offering food supplies for 80 persons in the willage Breaza, district Mures. The beneficiary's are social cases, elders above 80, widows with low income, cancer patients,gypsy family's.
So the received meal/grain we exchange it by a local  chicken farm as food for the animals and in exchange we have received 5280 eggs and 80 roosters which we gave for the people during 5 months near the basic food supplies.
More pictures with the roosters are here
More pictures with the eggs are here
Here can be seen more  food program beneficiary's  receiving their Christmas package https://photos.app.goo.gl/mlCdbqwJUUXxhcJm2
More about our activity see our blog:https://fazakasimola-csaba.blogspot.ro/
Thanks for the generosity of our sponsor for this project and everyone else who was involved with!
Best regards !
Imola&Csabi Fazakas 

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