Sunday, December 9, 2018

Letter from a lady to thank us!

``Hello everyone!
My name is Demeter Aranka ,50 yers  old ,born and living in Reghin . After I finished my studies I got married ,I have  an 18 years old son .I  was working in Human resources department in a company in Reghin where I was project manager. Unfortunately in 2008 I had a  brain stroke  which ended my healthy life, I went throw 3 brain surgeries and  my left side got paralyzed. The doctors gave me no chance of survival , but God had an another plan for me so I unexpectedly woke up from coma .
I had to learn again to walk , but it is still difficult for me to walk even short distances,
God sent in my way special people as you are.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my  heart the scootmobiel, which helps me a lot in my daily life.
God bless you all !

Monday, December 3, 2018

Arrival of Christmas packages in Breaza

Hello everyone!
I must say that  we have been impressed haw many people gathered this year also  by Promotie to help making packages for the the poor people in Romania. It is true ,the demand is huge every year we meet more and more places where help is requested so everyone help is needed.Thank you for your care and help !
The first truck arrived with Christmas packages for this year also.The drivers will spend a few days with us to help with distribution.
Today the drivers Gerrit and Jelle helped Ildiko to bring out 39 packages in Breaza and Filpisu Mic. See the pictures from them over here.
In the meantime we gave out  the packages to our contacts   Reformed pastor Denes Csaba  from Voivodeni 45 packages, and to Horea Tamasan from Tigmandru 90 packages.
In the afternoon the Phoneo  from Reghin received also their part ,the drivers  delivered  them personally the packages.
Tomorrow morning we bring the 90 packages to Deda and from 13:00 o`clock  we are helping Elena in Urmenis .
Christmas time should be a joyful  time for everyone ,however every year we meet people who lost their loved ones, their homes, their jobs , their family and their quality of life. So let`s bring some joy in those peoples life !
 Best regards!
Imola  and Csabi

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Transport from November

A new  loud arrived on 13 November to Breaza with Charles ans Sam. The unloading happened on next morning.We have received 19 hospital beads this time with destination  Children Cardiology Department Targu Mures. In June when I was with my son Milan in the hospital offered them our help with  Electric hospital beads  ,in the 80`s were changed last time the beds. The hospital Administrator send a truck after on Thursday .They were very glad about their good condition also  need more if it is possible of course.
The office chairs we gave to the school in Reghin .The clouding went to Diakonia and some bags to Voivodeni to the Reformed church .
The social Medical Center from Deda received an Opel Omega car from the Dutch Foundation . The car will be used for transporting patients, groceries and  other needs of the center proper function .The director came to pick up the papers and when he got the temporary plates he will come after the car.
They are thankful for the generous gift .
Good luck with the Christmas packages and thank you for all the efforts you are investing for the people in need .
More picture over here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Activity report for the ``New Chance``Protected workshop Diakonia Reghin

Letter from Deda

Last month the Foundation helped the Social Medical center from Deda with an urgent need by purchasing a washing machine and a refrigerator. Here is the director words:,,To the member of  Foundation  Van Den Heerik,

 On behalf of Centrul Medico-Social Deda, I would like to thank you for the donation of refrigerator and a washing machine.
 The generous support of your foundation makes it possible for our organization to continue and to make the community a great place to live.
 Thank you again for your support!

Mircea Scridon
Director of CMS Deda "

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


On  2  nd October we have received the 13-th  transport this year.The drivers were Siem and Charles.We have unload  in the evening ,together with a few villager and our kids.The truck is already on his way back to Holland .
The protein we gave to the chicken farmer,who offered us in exchange 20 chickens and eggs for the whole year  for the internat consumption .

A willage nearby Reghin  called Petrilaca,with some families in need.We broth some crackers for them .
Yesterday I have visited Puiu in Deda`s elderly home. The paper work for his transfer toked much longer time as I thought. What we need  is still one empowering certificate from a notary that I can go in his name to open a bank account, for his pension .Tomorrow I met the director from Ideci Elderly home to see if we have all the requested papers.
Puiu is lucking well,he  is happy there ,quiet,evriione likes him. I will buy for him a radio with head sets that he can listen the news.
I would like to bring some kind of games there too for everyone ,like sah , cards, table to have some kind of activity's.
I have found some  things in the barn next time I will bring it there.

Starting from this week we have three more kids by the after-school program, two girls and one boy of  9 year old. They start at 14:00 until 16:00.

Best regards,
Imola and Csabi

More pictures over here

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Puiu Dumitru

Puiu Dumitru is satisfied with his new life in the Social Center Deda. This is his second month and it is temporary,until I manage to make all papers necessary to be moved in Ideci Elderly home.
He receaved the 1st  disability grade for 1 year, this means his pension will grow with 1165 which will be enough for the payment of the elderly home starting with September . After one year his  condition will be re-evaluated, probably necessary for operation. Which at the moment he refuses. 
Next week he has appointments to the cardiology and psychiatrist control. 

Aid distribution among Hospitals district Mures

Between our contact the city hospital in Reghin is a place where continuously we are sending goods.
In the last transport we have receive 4 will-chairs,one was broth to the Pediatric Department, one to the Intern Department,one to the Emergency department, and one goes to the Dermatology department. There is request for will chairs, walking sticks and frame,toilet chairs.
To the O.R.L Department is needed furniture,consultation table,chairs .
More picture over here.

A new collaboration  started with the Neuropsychiatric children  hospital  from Tg.Mures.
Three weeks ago we have send there mattresses,chairs,couches, medical suplies. Next week they send the car for the three hospital beads, and two couches which came with the last transport.
There is  need for more electric hospital beads.
More pictures over here
Hospital bead were sent also to the Hospital Tg.Mures Contagious Department, they will send report and pictures .
Rodica Bandila ,nurse by the Socio-medical Center in Deda, was yesterday by us, they asked for biscuits which they can offer for the people as snacks between the meals. They received also furniture, waking frames.They thank your generosity!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New social case :Puiu Dumitru from Filpisu Mic

Puiu Dumitru 68 years old man , lives alone in Filpisu Mic after the death of his wife (Coman Floare). His situation turned dramatically from bad to worse, he got blind in the last two weeks.
He has no family and support from anyone. His only income is a small pension of 520 lei .
After the wife's death we offered him our support in helping him moved in an elderly home ,but he refused it ,saying is not necessary at the moment.
Saturday together with Family Van den Heerik we visited him ,along other members of our food program .We found him in very bad situation (see on the pictures), mess in the house, dirty,hungry and crying .He sad please help me!...words can not describe his situation .
Monday morning together with the willage social worker called the Ambulance and he was taken to the City Hospital in Reghin to the Contagious department.
Tomorrow we must take him to the Ophthalmology clinic for a medical consultation and prove of his blindness.
Friday he will be released and broth directly to Deda Elderly Home .The foundation will need to pay his tax until we manage to get his disability documents ,around three months.
By getting the disability  grade his pension will grow and wont be necessary anymore the help of the Foundation.
I will keep you informed about the further situation .
Thank you for your help!             More pictures over here!
Imola Fazakas

Request from TBC department Tagu Mures Hospital

Dear Imola,
Here I send the list with our necessities and the pictures from the Ambulatory hospital. Anything from the list would be a great help for us.

Thank you from all my hearth!
Ianosi Edith.

List  neccessary for the ambulatory of the TBC hospital
1.   Spirometer
2.   Sputum induction machine = aerosol
3.   Furniture for files
4.   Benches for the waiting room
5.   Ventillation system
6.   Washable paint
7.   Oil paint for the walls
8.   Oil paint for the doors and windows
9.   Faience, floor tiles
10.     Adhesive or glue for tile
11.     Parquet, flooring

Dr.Ianosi Edith Simona
Senior pulmonologist
More phothos over here

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

News from Toth Attila

Dear friends,
 Greetings to you from Romania.  In this short letter we want to express that we are very thankful for all the help that you provided with these food packages and other necessities to people that are very much in need in the communities that we gave to.
                        The communities of Apalina and Glodeni  are  known to be  the cruelest  if but also a very poor regions of Mures county, where the lack of work and possibilities of finding one makes the lives of the people that live there very hard. Most of the people from these communities work only from spring till autumn when some of them can find work in agriculture in other countries or in autumn even in our country when there is apple picking time or other fruit or vegetables.
                        That’s why they lack of food and clothing, which are the basic necessity of a human being and for this reason they steal and some of them are in jails, criminality being on a high rate. Mostly men are in jails leaving their families with a wife that doesn’t work taking care maybe of several children and with no possibility of leaving them in a daycare to go to work .Daycares have a fee too so they can’t afford to pay it when there are times when children and adult don’t eat almost anything all day long.
                        Children do not attend school because they don’t have clothes to wear especially when it is cold outside and in this part of the country there are rather harsh winter times.
                        Some of the families in Glodeni don’t even get the social money, which is the only help that they get from the Government, as they have to pay first the taxes on the land they built their house or at least part of the taxes with that proof they could get the money but the same problem shows up: the lack of money.
                        The most difficult situations are when they got sick as there are some fee free medical attendance provided by the Governement if they have insurance but if there are urgent tests that must be done,  they must  pay them as there is no time waiting for the availability of free tests from the Government and the fees at private hospitals are quite high.
                        In the light of all these we thank you very much the help you sent to these people and they are also very thankful for these as the food and the necessities form the packets made, at least a few days from their lives, a little brighter as they had food for them and their families.
Thank you very very much for your generous help
With love Attila Toth
 Pictures with Easter package distribution  watch  over here

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Report from Sebes-Alba

Dear member of Foundation Van den Heerik and Promotie,

For this year  also  190 people from ``Trebuie ``Organization ( Children and Adults with Special Needs) and the "St. Elisabeth" Roma Association in Sebes received Easter gifts from the Van den Heerik Foundation Breaza -  through Mrs. Imola and Csaba .
       Members of the Organization "Trebuie!" Sebes were eagerly awaiting these packages because they knew that they would not  be forgotten by the great-minded people who put effort and time in the realization to reward those in need.
On their behalf, Ms Gabriela Buta, the president of the organization, will thank you and wish you all the best!
       The people in the Sebes Roma community who enjoyed these gifts were selected as following:
- the elders who were left alone at home for their sons going abroad for a better life;
- grandparents or relatives who are dependent on minors are left home by their parents who do not care for children;
- sick people;
- Roma students who do not miss school and have very good school results.

A pleasant and unexpected surprise was also for a  family from Petresti - Alba, a town belonging to Sebes, me Margareta Iancu and two volunteers went at their door. This family is composed of 6 members - mother, father and 4 minors and living in a camper received "from a gentleman in the Netherlands who was merciful to us" - as Matei said earlier. At that moment of the visit by offering the Easter gifts, the parents and two older siblings were in the woods after firewood,  at home being just the two younger children who enjoyed the gifts.

On behalf of all the beneficiaries of these gifts, Margareta Iancu - an active volunteer, thank you for the joy ,that everyone involved in this action ,brought to  the life and the souls of those people who had more beautiful holidays !
Margareta Iantu

Report from Deda

``Dear Foundation members, 
I apologize for the delay ,but right before the Easter Holiday  I had to join  my mother on a trip to Germany to my brother and his family,I arrived home this week.
The Easter package distribution broth me personally lot of joy.This time also I received a car from the local City hall and also one person to help me.
 Thank you for helping me to bring smile  to the faces of so  many people. There are some people in the chosen group who confessed that they were waiting for me . The others have disappeared due to their age and illness, but the fate is looking for the following ones .
 I `we sent some pictures with a traditional adorable house to enjoy your eyes.
Thank you again for helping my community and wishing you many blessings in your life.``
More pictures can be seen over here
Best regards,
Rodica Bandila

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Distribution of the Easter packages in Breaza and Filpisu Mic

    Within the ’Bread for the body, Bread for the Soul’ programme on the 16th and 29th in Breaza and on the 19th of March in Filpisu Mic I distributed the packages prepared by the Foundation in Holland. In total I went to 42 homes and wished a blessed Easter to the elderly men and women living alone or with their ill relatives. Jesus said: „ I am the resurrection and the life.He who believes in me will live,even though he dies;and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.Do you believe this?”(John 11,25-26)
We can only have a blessed, happy Easter if we meet the resurrected Christ, if we believe that He is alive and with us today. He gives us strength every day that we can do His work!
I know that it took a lot of work, time and sacrifice to prepare and transport the packages, just as it was in Christmas. In these seven years I noticed that the people are grateful for the help the Van den Heerik and Promotie Foundations give.
I would like to transmit the thanks and good wishes of all those people who received the package.
May the Lord bless your lives,work and all those who could sacrifice their time in favor of those in need: elderly, sick. I wish to everyone a Blessed and Happy Easter!
More  pictures over here.
Best regards,
Ildiko Szép reformed pastor

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter package action ready in Breaza

The Easter package action in Breaza is also ready. On 19 March with the help of our kids we gave out the packages  for the ``Food program beneficiaries`` in our community. Watch the pictures.
Also the Diakonal program Beneficiary got their packages, those ware divided by Pastor Szep Ildiko .

In the wintertime we have received from Stichting Promotie 1 palet of seeds. Paart of it we gave to  Toth Attila  in Peris(9 boxes)to start his new greenhouse project . At the moment they are busy with the construction of their  Children's home .The gardening  project will help them to be self sustainable.
The other part, on 23 March the whole community  of Breaza was invited to receive free  vegetable and flower seeds. More than hundred people came. The previous day together with Thea Wijnen and our kids we have selected the seeds on categories .Everyone could take one or two depend on the each quantity. The remained seeds are going to the Agricultural school in Reghin .
Thank everyone involvement who made this action possible .
Here are some pictures

On 26 March Toth Attila received his part of the packages.When he is ready will forward the report together with pictures.
This year we have included a new place of package  distribution in Vatava ,there is a very poor neighborhood with 25 families.
On 27 March our contact person Margareta from ``Trebuie Organisation ``came together with Buta Marius after the packages .Near the loud we gave also the beds together with mattresses.Her pictures and report are coming later on.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Second truck arrive with Easter packages

21 March we unload the second truck with the Easter packages for our contacts: Toth Attila, Caren from Peris,Margareta from Sebes Alba. Near that we have received hospital beds,mattresses for an Elderly home , food for the monthly food program we have in   our willage Breaza, single beds with mattresses,clouding, medical supplies .
As soon we were ready we broth the hospital beads to Ideci elderly home (65 beneficiaries). There was introduced us the home by  Administrator Violeta a very kind lady .
They were truly glad for the beds ,because they were renovating 7 rooms for 14 persons by the second building and they needed  there beds with  metal side .
After lunch together with the truck drivers Gerrit and Rieks went to Urmenis to help Elena with the distribution .Despite the bad wetter snow, mud,cold ,flu we managed to give out 55 packages .
Next day early in the morning the drivers went back to Holland . Thank you very much for their help and have a safe trip back home!
more pictures over here
Best regards,
Imola Fazakas

Easter packages Tigmandru

"This year too, I received proper aids for the poor people in Tigmandru  and not only for them. There are many underprivileged families here who needs financial help very often. They work when they find work but, especially in winter time, life is difficult. This is why we asked the Van Den Heerik Breaza Foundation to help us with food. We received, indeed,  90 packages with food, very necessary  in this season. We also received several mattresses, boxes with crackers and jams. It was a rare joy for those people who received all these gifts. You can see it in the pictures.
We want to say  thank you Van Den Heerik Breaza Foundation, represented by Csabi and Imola, who are very dedicated to this ministry.
May God bless them abundantly.More pictures over here."

Yours, sincerely
Pastor Horea Tamasan

Easter packages to Voivodeni were distributed

"As the Pastor of the Reformed church of  Vajdaszentivány, I would like to thank to the Van den Heerik Foundation Breaza, for the Easter package on behalf of the 50 families who received it. It was a great pleasure to see a happy smile on the faces and in the heart. I wish a blessed Easter holiday ,blessing to your lives and work !"
Pastor Csaba Dénes ,Voivodeni
More pictures over here

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

News from Catharina and Mihai from Peris

``Me and my husband work in a village among the Romi from Haranglab,. The people there live in an extreme poorness. Every day it is a fight to survive. They live in very bad circumstances. Bad houses, no running water no toilets. Every day there is not enough food and the children suffer from this. They are very quick ill and do not have a resistance. Over 4 years we help this community where ever we can. Every week we go there 2 times handing out breads baked by the local bakery. Every family receives 2 big breads and with that we also give some groceries. In the cold winter days we make big pans of soup filled with meat and a lot of vegetables. For the children we make special small food packages. This include e.g. dairy products, fruit, bread, biscuits and a candy. We hand this out every week.
The biscuits we receive from foundation Promotie who has their location in Noord Scharwoude in the Netherlands. We receive it through Imola and Csaba who lives in Breaza in Romania. At Christmas time and with Easter we also receive from this foundation huge packages with al kind of groceries. The people are very grateful with this. It is a big help for them. More pictures over here ``
Kind regards,
Catharina van den Beek Barcsa and Mihai

Monday, March 12, 2018

Matrasses to Haranglab

On 8 March Petru Zalar picked up a new loud from our warehouse from 
 Breaza.This time with mattresses, biscuits, and bed sheets.He had distribute them immediately. Watch the 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Easter Package Action 2018

Today 7 March we unload the first truck with the Easter packages received from Stichting Promotie Holland . Siem and Geerit were the drivers. Everything went well in twoo hours we were ready and than the drivers delivered the packages also for Stichting Phoneo in Reghin .The drivers went back already this afternoon to Holland . Wishing them a safe journey back home . Special thanks also for the dutch Organisation,with all their volunteers who  this year also remain near us and continuing their support: for the needy people, elders,widows ,sick people of this country. Follow us on the blog about the further  distribution. Pictures over here

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pictures from Haranglab Ceuas and Deaj(District Mures)

Follow the pictures

Thise pictures ware send by Petru Zalar,he is working together with Henk Muller with the gipsy comunity from Haranglab ,Ceuas, Deaj.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Need of hospital beds

I am receiving  requests  constantly for  electric hospital beds with mattresses :
  • Neurology Department Targu Mures  4 pieces(urgently)
  • The Socio-Medical Center in Deda    7
  • Glodeni Elderly home                        15
  • Ideciu Elderly home                           65
nightstands with mobile table support attached, bed sheets, pillows,blankets are also neded

  • Best med ,palliative care and Recovery Center 10  pieces.


Transport from February

This was the second transport of the year, with Siem and Sam as drivers. We have unloaded Tuesday (6 February) except the hospital beds, which we let for  the next day and we delivered it to the Social-Medical Center in Deda.

In Deda we broth 10  electric hospital beds with mattresses,toilet chair,mobile bath table.The mare of Deda send a few helpers to unload and also to bring up the beds on the second flour .On the meantime ware workers there to fix  the heating system.The wood heater brake down totally(exploded)so they were without heat for 2 weeks.They tried to install in each room electric heaters, but because of the big consumption the system was overloaded and burned out .The city hall bought now a new heater and they ware busy with his installation , after that they need to change all the electric system too..The plans are to develop and to make more rooms also on the 1 flour.
The Center has now a new director .At the moment are having 37 patients.
Ten mattresses we gave to Ideci Elderly home , there are 78 patients right now.

Clothing , biscuits, sultana , coloring and drawing materials we gave to: Diakonia Foundation,  Teleios Association  lead by Priest Toth Attilla, Reformed church Voivodeni,Phoneo.
More pictures over here
Best regards!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dryer and washing machine for Glodeni

In December we got a request from the Social Health -care Center Glodeni true Dr.Berekmeri Maria , about their biggest necessity they were confronting with : having a washing and a dryer because the old ones brake down .
The Center was founded in 1952 and since there they are working with disabled women's. At the moment there are 98 persons .
In December last month  during the visit of Maarten and Jaap we have bought this two items for them  .
Because of the busy time around the holidays and also leak of workers , was not managed their installation  just in the first week in January.
Our collaboration with the center started two years ago , and since than we have constantly helping them with  furniture,electric hospital bads ,medical supplies, cleaning materials..
Having the right people around we can make together many changes and good things helping those one in need.
Thank you again for everyone willingness and all your honest and loving support!
Many thanks!
More pictures over here

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meal/grain from Holland

Along the year 2017 we have received from Stichting Promotie  8600 kg of meal/grains. Since 2005 our  Organization is running a project,offering food supplies for 80 persons in the willage Breaza, district Mures. The beneficiary's are social cases, elders above 80, widows with low income, cancer patients,gypsy family's.
So the received meal/grain we exchange it by a local  chicken farm as food for the animals and in exchange we have received 5280 eggs and 80 roosters which we gave for the people during 5 months near the basic food supplies.
More pictures with the roosters are here
More pictures with the eggs are here
Here can be seen more  food program beneficiary's  receiving their Christmas package
More about our activity see our blog:
Thanks for the generosity of our sponsor for this project and everyone else who was involved with!
Best regards !
Imola&Csabi Fazakas 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


On December 24, we celebrated in the Reformed Church in Beresztelke , parents and children, elderly people and young people. On the occasion of Christmas Eve, the gospel  of Matthew 1.23 was sounded: Emmanuel = God  with us. Children in two groups (53) ware singing Christmas songs, poems  to the Lord Jesus' birthday! The anticipated moment for the children's was to receive gifts. Under the Christmas tree for every child from 1 to 14 years, the angel has brought gifts (for a total of 100 children). We thank Stichting Promotie and Van den Heerik Foundation for their support  this year too. God bless their lives, their work! We are wishing  a Happy New Year in the name of the congregation!
More pictures
With love,
Pastor Szep Eduard


Friday, January 5, 2018

Pictures from Margareta Sebes Alba

Here is the link with the pictures from Margareta.

Report from Toth Attila

Dear Friends

First of all I want to wish you a very Blessed and Happy New Year. I also want to thank you very much for all the generous help what you donated last year to our organization. Your help and you friendship means a lot for us and for our ministry. 
In this letter I want to thank you very much for the food packages  what we received for Christmas. 
As you know many of the gipsys in Apalina, Glodeni, Gornesti are living in a very poor circumstances. Some of them are starving for days and having no normal clothes for children or an acceptable home to live. This situation is getting worse in winter time because all the occasional work like construction and agriculture are stopped. Starting in the end of October beggining of November so many people is asking me food. 
This foodpackage what you donated brought great joy and happines in this poor families home at Christmass time. Thank you very much, 
Next to the gipsy people we were visited about 20 widow in Gornesti whom are living in a very lonely and sad situation and through the food package we blessed them and wish the a happy Christmass
Thank you again your generous gift
with We transfer I send the photos.Here are the photos
With love and thanks Attila Toth