Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas package Action

It`s an extraordinary felling to be able to give for the people in need an extra reason of happiness for the coming holiday. Thanks to Stichting Promotie 785 people are going to receive  a Christmas package this year too.We are going to distribute  them to poor families, social cases, families with many children's, disabled children's and adults,cancer patients, elderly from area Breaza, Filpisu Mic, Voivoden,Urmenis and surrounding villages, Deda, Tigmandru and Sebes Alba district Alba. Our contacts with who we collaborate are trustful and honest people , social workers, priests, nurses. In each those areas are chosen  the most poorest families and situations.
On 24 November Reformed Priest Denes Csaba from Voivodeni received  40 packages which he immediately delivered to the people:,,I would like to express my gratitude in the name of our community for the received Christmas packages these year too. Only those people are receiving the packages who are very poor and are raising more than three children's.The 40 package we have distribute fast, but is hardly enough. Therefore for the coming year we would like to ask  more 50 in plus because we are having also big community of gipsys and also many elders with low pension .Thank you again for your helping will and God blessing on your life and work!,,
The pictures from Voivodeni can be seen over here
This week also the social Food program beneficiaries in Breaza have received their package.Together with
our  kids in a few hours we  were ready.
The elders were waiting for us. Everyone was inside their home and anxious to get their presents from Holland, telling us their worries and sorrows . Life is difficult for them ,especially now in wintertime when the gas, firewood got more expensive , food especially the milk products with 40%,eggs dobbeled their prize .Pensions are small,hardly enough from month to month.Health problems everywhere by each house, so believe me when I tell that with these package we managed to bring some joy in each house we went for the coming holiday season . Everybody was thankful and wish you all Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year!
Here can be seen the pictures

Reformed priest Szep Ildiko started the distribution also for the elders in Breaza and Filpisu Mic, which she visits regularly .

We delivered the packages also to Tigmandru, Deda and Urmenis .In these willages our contact will distribute the packages .Follow the blog fur the further distribution!

To Sebes -Alba this week-end is coming Margareta  Iantu to pick up 200 packages .

Kind regard,
Imola Fazakas


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