Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The truck with Christmas packages arrived

Yesterday evenig 18:30 the truck arrived with one part of the Christmas packages .The  drivers are Ben and Siem .
The unloading we have started in the morning at 9:00,with a few volunteers from the willage. After we ounloud our paart the truck left to Reghin to bring personally the packages to the Foundation Phoneo. Near the packages we have resewed also couches, pieces of furniture and chairs ,these ones are going to be picked up by Glodeni Elderly home , tomorrow .
The distribution of  Christmas packages we start tomorrow to give out to our contacts.
The pictures with the unloud  over here.
For the further distribution of the packages follow the blog.
Kindly regards!
Imola and Csabi

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  1. Met dank aan alle vrijwilligers,en Stichting van den Heerik en Stichting Promotie kunnen er weer mensen blij gemaakt worden met mooie kerst pakketten.! Bedankt voor de foto s.


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