Thursday, July 13, 2017

News from Urmenis

Dear sponsors and members of the Foundation
  Goodness and respect define us as people, and in an environment in which these qualities meet more and more rarely, I think that the desire to help others, ennobles the human being.
           I'm still thinking about it and trying to find the right words, which I could address as a thank you sign. However, they are not enough and could never replace your effort and support. But gratitude is natural and human, and a simple, "Thank you, frankly and sincerely, would be one of the ways through which I can express my joy and the satisfaction that you are with us. Thanks to you, I learned that I need to help.
Last month I have gathered one part of the community in the willage hall of Urmenis and let them select the clouds they need, also gave them cleaning solutions and  baby food.
         I want you to have all the attention and love you want from your loved ones and not only because we have it from you and that has helped us enormously.
         Sincere thanks and best wishes from  me and from the people in my community.

More pictures about this action you can see here
          Best regards,

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