Friday, May 12, 2017

News from Urmenis

Dear members and volunteers of Stichting Promotie Holland   the Van Den Heerik Foundation Breaza
     Once again on the threshold of holidays I became the messenger of the lonely and poor ones,  who have felt your care and goodness. Thanks to your effort 150 families in Urmenis, Bistrita-Nasaud County could enjoy the coming of the holidays. Families without income and with many children who live only from social help and children's allowances, elders alone or with children away ,are glad that someone is opening their door and especially to give them something on the threshold of holidays. There would be so much to say about them. Everybody has his story, his pain, his hope, is not a simple
name on a list. Thank you for giving me the chance to fulfill my dream. The one to bring joy and smile on the face of an old man or a child. I found a lot of things, some painful, others good. It's great to talk to everyone, and they are glad when someones listens them  .
The pictures whit the distribution can be followed here.
       Once again, we thank you for your great commitment of helping us ,wish you good health pleasure in your work and please send our thanks everyone who was part of this action with Easter Packages 2017.
With respect,
Elena Negru ,

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