Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thank you letter from Togetherness Association


Thank you for making time watching the CD about the camp. We are truly honoured that after 4 years of horse riding camp, you are our first foreign supporter. We are delighted to let you know that we received the support sent from you. We were very happy when we saw all the awesome equipments and accessories in the packages. We were particularly delighted for the Handy Bike, which we will make good use of at our next camp this year for sport activities.
The association has two horses, so the drugs, vitamins and horse equipment will really come in handy. This year we would like to organize an integrated horse hiking, so the reflective gear sent by you will also help us out a lot. Additionally, the gaiters and the child-sized horse riding pants will also be put to use. Our non-profit non-governmental organization, since its establishment, has been maintained on itself so we are very pleased for any received support. Our organization has three founding members.
 Each founding member has their own job, next to this voluntary job. Year after year the number of the campers participating in our Christian Horse Camp is growing, but unfortunately the lack of financial background is forcing us to receive only a limited number of participants. Many young disabled people contact us. The camp's purpose is to provide wheelchair access physical and psychological rehabilitation for a whole week, at which even priests assist.
We achieved plenty of good results, and we received many positive feedbacks, especially regarding the horse riding, which helped the participants to become more independent when riding a horse. This experience made them to be more confident and it increased self-esteem and self-image in them.  It also improved balance and muscle strength, or improved visual-spatial perception.
 We plan to initiate a horse riding program held every weekend. For our plan to work, we would require a lifting device, so we could easily place a person from the wheelchair on the horse. Additionally, we would also appreciate a special harness, which would provide an extra safety measurement for people with muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, there are

no such devices and harnesses in our country. There were a very wide variety of disabilities that could benefit from horse riding including spinal cord injury, or amputation.      Our organization also plans to form a Handy Bike team formed by ten members, who would help disabled people to get integrated in a community and also encourage them for active sporting. For our plan to succeed, we would require more Handy Bikes if available. Unfortunately, our association does not have sufficient financial background to buy these special wheelchairs. It would mean a great deal to us if you could also send us adult-sized horse riding pants, walking tools, sickbeds, prosthesis tools.
 We don't just welcome material goods, but also coming in contact with similar organizations and forming partner relationships, to learn from each other, sharing knowledge and experience.  To show our gratitude, we would also like to print the name of your organization on T-Shirts, which we will distribute to the participants of the camp. Wishing you God's rich blessing for all in your future activities. And once again thank you for your provided help.

Yours sincerely,

 Jancso Istvan, Kovacs Szabolcs and  Mathe Adel

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