Monday, February 20, 2017

Transport from February

In the evening of 7 February arrived the second truck of this year, with relief materials in Breaza.
We unload of  the truck in the evening so they could return back to Holland next day.
This time also we have received many useful things , which we can divide between Organizations.
We have received around 80 hospital mattresses in very good shape , 20 of them went to the City Hospital in Reghin to the Intern Department , 5 electric beads went to the Cardiology Department, 1 table , 3office chairs, and 3 iron closet.

Other 3 beds went to privet persons: one cancer patient ,another stroke patient from Breaza, and the third one for 79 yer old man from Urisiu.

The link with pictures

30 mattresses , 1 electric hospital bed , some chairs went also to the Live and Believe Asociation from Solovastru .To this Old people home are needed 25 more electric  hospital beads.

To Urmenis we have brougth clouds, biscuits and 1 pallet of cement for the construction.

 Toth Attila comes also regularly for goods: clouds, biscuits, baby food . furniture .
The loud for Henk Muller in Haranglab

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