Friday, February 24, 2017

Letter from Nagy Levente priest in Filpisu Mic

Dear leaders from Van den Heerik foundation!
Every year continually we have several activities in our congregation, at Kisfülpös, beside the sermons. These activities has not just the meaning to be together, to feel the power of community. The main reason of our occasions are to learn more about God’s message. This work it has to start in the family and is needed to continue until the end of our life. We need God’s direction, othervise we miss the aim easily without it. This aim is served by the Bible- classes for children, for youth people, for all of the congregation’s age group.   Currently the Bible-education happens in two children groups, 1 group for youth (13-18 ages), 1 group for children under13. In summer-time we had a christian camp with 20 children (7 days). In the end of august what we learned together we showed for the congregation in our church. For these occasions we got from Imola and Csaba some delicios biscuits, and other sweet surprises.
Also at Christmas-time we could make packages for children and older people above 70 years old, thanks for you suport.We made also some pictures about the packages.

Last year we had a great project at parohial house. We had to change doors and windows, after that it was necessary to renovate the rooms and of course to paint it again. This project costs more than 5000 euro and for our community was a big burden, wich were untakeble for us. That was the reason to ask your suport and thank you your helping to finish this project. We made some photoes about the parohial before, during and after the renovation. In the name of our congregation thank you for suporting us for years to make people happier with your presents. They were so happy and thankful!
God bless you and your work!      
Nagy-Vajda Levente
Pictures over here

Monday, February 20, 2017

Transport from February

In the evening of 7 February arrived the second truck of this year, with relief materials in Breaza.
We unload of  the truck in the evening so they could return back to Holland next day.
This time also we have received many useful things , which we can divide between Organizations.
We have received around 80 hospital mattresses in very good shape , 20 of them went to the City Hospital in Reghin to the Intern Department , 5 electric beads went to the Cardiology Department, 1 table , 3office chairs, and 3 iron closet.

Other 3 beds went to privet persons: one cancer patient ,another stroke patient from Breaza, and the third one for 79 yer old man from Urisiu.

The link with pictures

30 mattresses , 1 electric hospital bed , some chairs went also to the Live and Believe Asociation from Solovastru .To this Old people home are needed 25 more electric  hospital beads.

To Urmenis we have brougth clouds, biscuits and 1 pallet of cement for the construction.

 Toth Attila comes also regularly for goods: clouds, biscuits, baby food . furniture .
The loud for Henk Muller in Haranglab

Kind regards,

Monday, February 13, 2017

Togetherness Organization

On the right side is Jancso Istvan  the  founder of the Organization Togethersness

With the previous Transport the Organization Togetherness have received the box with horse riding equipment .


See also some pictures taken from giving away biscuits and other food and clothes in Haranglab.

The man on the picture with the milk is the brother of Petru who came to pick up the donations from the warehouse in Breaza .He works together with Henk Muller.