Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sebes -Alba

Ms Imola,
Here are some of the people who have enjoyed the Christmas packages that Mr. Csabi brought to us: one paart to the Roma community in Sebes -Alba and another paart  to
Organization for Children and Adults with Special Needs "Trebuie" .The Organization  was founded in 1994 at the initiative of parents who had children with disabilities who wanted to be accepted in society, could  follow a school, to socialize with other children's.
 With these gifts we managed together to improve the life of those in need, to be able to feel the magic of Christmas.
Currently about 25% of the Roma population in Sebes -Alba left the country in search of a better life. Many of them left their children at home in the care of relatives, grandparents and even neighbors. There are people who have found something to work abroad, seasonal work,and there are people sitting and begging because they have no education, so it is more difficult for them to find a proper job..They don't have the possibility to help their children who remained at home in the care of others, that is why most of the children were unable to go to school,many of them even abandoned the school.

      We are very happy that you didn't forget about us this year either, so in the name of the roma community from Sebes-Alba, the Saint Elisabeth Association,Trebuie Organization  would like to respectfully thank you for your kindness, and would like to wish you good health, luck and happiness in the New Year.

More pictures over here.

Margareta Iancu ,

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