Monday, January 9, 2017

Henk Muller- Project from Haranglab

 At the end of November we gave to Henk Muller a transport with mattresses, cookies and other goods this is his letter:
``Dear Imola and Csabi

Please find in the attachment an official confirmation of the goods which were given by you to our Dutch foundation Stichting Romana.
We understand that the goods come from de stichtingen Promotie and Van den Heerik in Holland.
We want to express our deep respect and thanks for the great work they are doing.
And thank you very much for your kind and flexibel cooperation.
You are the right people on the right spot!

It was very nice meeting you again and I hope you will continue in helping us to help others
             As I informed you already, we want to give as much as possible structural help to the Rromi, but the goods we can hand out through you proof to be a great help too. Especially in the cold periods of the year.

I want to settle moreless in Haranglab/Mures to help the Rromi who are living there. But I have also contacts else where in the region.
Please keep me updated about transports of which you think they can be a great help for our work.

Kind regards,

Henk Muller``

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