Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas package distribution

Our foundation had  receaved  750 packages this year from Stichting Promotie. Part of these packages are diveided for the beneficiaries of our Food program , and another part goes to the diakonal program from Breaza and Filpisu Mic by Prist Szep Ildiko.
This week Ildiko finished the distribution among her clients .The pictures you can fallow here
The food program beneficiars have recived their packages this week too. Together with Csabi and kids from Casa Jannie we have finished in two afternoon .Like every time it is a nice experience to bring joy into  their life with the holiday occasion .
The help of the kids was also filled with lot of empathy around the elderly whose life was in most of the cases associated with disease,pain,loses, sorrow,worries and poverty.
You can fallow the pictures over here

The rest of the packages are divided among our contacts:
-150 packages to Urmenis
-120 to Deda
-35 to Voivodeni
-90 to Tigmandru
-175 to Sebes Alba
Priest Denes Csaba had finished the distribution you can see the pictures over here and also also a thank you letter " As priest of the Vajdaszentiványi Protestant parish, I would like to thank you of the packages which I took over and handed it for very needful families. 35 packages were distributed based of poverty criterion and families with three or more childrens. They welcomed the package, which has helped to have a different Christmas. With thanks in the name of the families, Dénes Csaba priest"

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