Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Baby food

 The baby food we have divided  among our contacts .

1.Urmenis:Elana divided one part in the Gypsy neighborhood  and another part she brought it to an Elderly home in Bistrita where she  works part time as social worker. She went there with the occasion of the St.Mary Celebration she talked with the elderly and gave them biscuits. Everyone was excited and nicely dressed because they were hoping to be visited by children's, relatives or friends.
Unfortunately at the end of the day not many could say that someone actually visited them .more pictures over here

 2.Deda: Our contact Vlaicu comes regularly for goods in the warehouse from Breaza. He is helping the gypsy community from Deda . He is doing a good job .Unfortunately he had a lot of sorrow in his family lately: his 28 year old son died in a car accident, another son is physically disabled and went through many surgeries .Another son tried to commit suicide , because the loss of his brother . Still,the father, found strength to help his gypsy community.
Here are more picture with the food

3.Tigmandru: Pastor Horea Tamasan is involved there with the gypsy community. His letter and activity you can see by the last post.

4.Sebes- Alba: Margareta is still an active women among our people .She comes herself for the goods, gave it out in the neighborhood,works as a school mediator in a Sport school in Sebes -Alba, works as social worker by the Organisation Trebuie in Sebes, in the afternoon is teacher in an after-school  program .
more picture here

5. Covasna :There we have a small community of Adventist , they come around twice in a year for goods, which they share between the poorest families.

6.Phoneo:Last part from the baby food went to the organization.

News from Tigmandru

Dear friends,
 We like to say Thank you very much to the Foundation Van Den Heerik Breaza,  for the help offered to the poor children in Tigmandru.
We received food in crackers, powder milk, juices. We also received mattresses, beds and clothes.
A portion of de food were distributed with the begining of the school year when we bought 42 schoolbags and school supplies.The other portion will be used to prepare the lunch we want to offer the poor children who are attending school.
   The work by the social center stopped for this year .This year we have finished to build up the walls for the uper level .The work is made by the local volunteers from the village.
The building will offer support in the education of the gypsy community and will have kindergarten , after school, and a social canteen where every day the kids will get one warm meal. The capacity of the center will be 80-100 children . 
I would like to ask the support of the foundation to help us in this project with building materials of any kind.

 We are building also a house with two rooms for this family, where the grandmother takes care of his two grandsons .On the day when they were born  the mother trowed them  to the dumpster and run away .
 Here also we need building materials.

Thank you once again for your support. 
Pastor Horea Tamasan