Monday, May 9, 2016

I want to thank you for the joy that we've done it by offering 200 Easter gift packages on behalf of the Roma community in Sebes beneficiaries of this donation from the Netherlands through you.We inform you that a total of 200 people from the poorest families, sick people, old people, children who are left in the care of relatives at home parents are working abroad, enjoyed the Easter gift packets. Besides Easter gift box with food the people have received also popcorn, depending on the number of family members so everyone has his buckets, both children and parents, grandparents ...We also shared popcorn by the Sports High School , where I work as a school mediator. The children were very happy when they received this gift. I mention that I chose classes with students who miss school, have behavioral problems telling them that this is a bonus for the best students in the school and that if they keep going to school they will receive other gifts on other occasions .This way please ,thank on behalf of our people in the Netherlands who  donated these products, who have worked on collecting and preparing them, which made 200 Roma from Sebes - Alba to feel the joy of Easter.Thank you also you who have made this possible.God bless you with health, good luck and long life!Margaret Iancu
Sebes - Alba

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