Thursday, February 4, 2016

The first transport from this year

Tuesday evening had arrived the first transport with Charles and Sam.Next day morning we started the unload with some volunteers from the village. 16 hospital beds came for the  Social Center in Deda which we broth away right after.

To our surprise the extending of the Center goes very good, they have renovated the first floor in the building ,also upstairs the kitchen is renewed, the old heater is removed so they earned some extra space . They were very glad with the new beds and mattresses .We have discoursed also some other necessity like nightstands, TV-es in the rooms, 4 wardrobes and curtains.
The Center Director is very thankful for all the goods received and sends her regards everyone from the Promotie.
 In the afternoon the guys were busy to fix something bey the truck. Next day morning they left early.
Her you can see more pictures with the unlouding and distribution.

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