Monday, February 8, 2016

Activity report 2015 by Szep Ildiko

                                      About the services we offered in 2015
My services as a dean assistant pastor, hospital chaplain and a fellow worker of the Van den Heerik foundation consisted of three different roles :
1. Sunday worship in those communities where my replacement services  were required.
2. Monday, Tuesday, Friday- visiting the sick ones in their homes in Filpisu Mic and Breaza.
3. Wednesday, Thursday- visits to the Eugen Nicoara Hospital in Reghin in the following hospital departments : Dermathology,  Gastroenterology, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics.

1.       I have done  Sunday worship services in the following villages:
2.       For the “ Bread for the body, bread for the soul” social-pastoral program, started by the Van den Heerik Foundation on 1st January in 2011 in Breaza,  102 people signed up, out of which  85 received help in 2015. (25 people from Filpisu Mic and 56 from Breaza).      

Besides taking care of the spiritual needs of the old and sick, I also take their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. I also provide distribution of  homecare equipment ( wheelchairs, crutches, toilet seats, walking frames, diapers) to bedridden  patients ( 7 people), then medical equipment for the local hospitals and healthcare centres.   
I also make sure to get the pictures organized and hand them over to Fazakas Imola, the manager of the Van den Heerik Foundation in Breaza.

3.       I started my services voluntarily at the Eugen Nicoara Hospital Christmas 2008 ministering to patients, their family members and occasionally to the hospital staff.  
During holidays I hold worship services and share the communion in the wards where patients want to partake in the Lord`s Supper.

Since 1 June 2011 I have been working officially  in my position as a dean assistant pastor.   Last year I visited a total number of 642 patients.
In my ministry of pastoral care the goal is to give support in times of stress and need.
Our Lord taught us to love people in all of life’s circumstances in the church and beyond.
I strongly believe that those personal conversations, the prayer books and other faith building material I hand out bring comfort and hope to patients and caregivers alike.

Every month I visit around 60-70 people in the hospital. This past Christmas 3 ladies and myself were able to distribute 100 packages, thanks to the support of the Reformed Diocese of Transylvania and to the women`s association of Breaza.

              In the name of the patients I would like to thank the Van den Heerik Foundation(Holland) for the book   and biscuit donations for the Christmas presents and the medical equipment for the benefit of those in need.

                                                                                                         Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                              Ildikó Szép


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