Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas packages for Sebes Alba

Dear Ms. Imola,

In the name of the roma community from Sebes,  as the secretary of the Saint Elisabeth association of the roma culture from Sebes-Alba , I would like to thank you for the joy that you made us feel by offering us 200 Christmas packages.
Our community has approximately  4000 members ( 530 families) .  In present,10% of the inhabitants traveled abroad to find the possibility to make a better living for themselves, because most of them doesn’t have a job and because of that they can not support their family. Before 1989, 90% of the active roma population from here  had a job at the socks factory , leather factory , at the timber processing plant or at the sanitation service of the town .After the revolution, they were dismissed , they were without a surse of income. This is the reason they left abroad. Some of them returned , others found a home abroad, and others  without any studies, or  craft  can’t find a permanent job they come and go . Unfortunately,because of the poverty  we have a high rate of school abandonment in the case of the students of  roma ethnicity.
To your knowledge , with this Christmas packages you brought joy to to 200 people living in poverty, sick people , children who are left in the care of their relatives because the parents left abroad .
We would like to say thank you to everyone  who made this possible and made the people from Sebes- Alba to feel the joy of Christmass in their home and soul.
God bless you , we wish you health and long life.
Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year,
Margareta Iancu – Sebes -Alba

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