Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas packages 2015

This year also, for Christmas, Stichting Promotie from Holland has made packages for people in need. Wednesday has arrived the first truck with the packages with Charles Buiter and Gerrit de Boer as drivers.750 packages are going to be brought to social cases , old people and roma communities.
The packages will be divided in the following weeks until Christmas with the help of our contacts with who the foundation is collaborating/working for years:
1. In Breaza and filpisu Mic by me(Imola Fazakas), and Reformed pastor Szep Ildiko, beneficiary's are the people from the progam called ,,Bread for the body bread for the soul"
2.In Urmenis and its area by Social worker  Negru Elena beneficiars are old people and roma families
3.In Tigmandru by Pastor Horea Tamasan -beneficiaries are the Adventist Community from Tigmandru
4.In Deda -Mures we are having two contacts one is,  Rodica Bandila nurce by the Old people home  , and Vlaicu Fanica member of a Rooma Organization .
5.In Sebes -Alba by Margareta Iancu, member by Sf.Elisabeta Organization for the roma culture.
6. In Voivodeni by Reformed pastor Denes Csaba.
On 10:00 we have started to unloud the truck , Foundation Phoneo camed also around 13;00 for their part and than around 16:00 camed pastor Horea Tamasan for the packages in Tigmandru .After he left we loud the truck and went to bring the packages to Deda by Rodica  .
Today(Monday)Ildiko too had started the distribution soo we will have pictures from it .
Thank you in advans for Promotie and all the voluntiers who helped over there.
More pictures you can see overe here.

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