Friday, November 6, 2015

Transport from November 4

A new loud arreved to us on 4 November with Rob Boden and Sam . This time with lot of vegetables from the farm von Marghita, school furniture wich is going to the Special School Apalina(children with disabilities), biscuits, crackers and sultanas, clouds.
The truck has arrived on Wednesday around  12:30, after a fast coffee we have started the unload . In two hours the truck was empty and ready to go loading the bicycles from Jan Weijnen. On 16:00 o`clock came Ronald Wolthouse and together with the guys went to visit the gypsy neighborhood in Apalina.It is difficult to see all those kids with their family living in poverty to whom fate was  not so generous.After they returned back we had dinner together with all kids and enjoyed each others company. Next morning the drivers left early and we have started to organize the further distribution
Together with the kids we broth vegetables, medical and incontinence materials to Deda in the Old People home. It feels very pleasant over there ....we were invited for an apple pie and coffee.In these twoo months they plan to enlarge the home capacity with 16 more persons. They have asked for bads and furniture from us.
Friday morning  the School from Apalina camed after the school furniture and some tables.Our contact person over there is teacher Odett(you can see her on the pictures).She will make pictures and report about the received goods.
  In these time Cristi and his family from Botosani had arrived for vegetables and clouds. He didn't managed to pick up all his part he will return next week again or send somebody for.
Over here you can see more pictures.
At the moment Csaby is busy with the new heating sistem in the school.Now they are so far that they install the radiators and the pomp .The wood heater from the basement will warm  the classroom from now on. Hopeful today afternoon they finish it.The most difficult part was to dig throw the yard , but lucky we had nice wetter and  of cours handy workers too:-0
More picture about it over here..
Soon the kids come home from the school and after we finish the homework I bring them home.
Thank you for the great transport !

Best regards,
Imola Fazakas

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  1. Good news about the vegetables and school furniture,very nice.


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