Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Center for Inclusive Education Nr. 3

A few weeks ago we have recived from the Foundation Van den Heerik Breaza throw Imola  and Csaba many useful things , for our school like:
1. benches and chairs in classrooms where  were not enough;
2. Round tables in the kindergartens;
3. Chairs in the halls ;
4. chairs for the dining room table;
5. saucers kitchen sets
6. bags with clothes I gave to the children's;
7.daily pads which we distributed to  girls;
8. mattresses which we use in the
9. mattresses in the gym;
    However we are very grateful for everything, and the children were also  enthusiastic receiving them.We hope further  for a good collaboration . 

Sincerely, Odet Farcas, pedagogue Professor CSEI, SAM, Reghin

Center for Inclusive Education School No. 3, SAM Reghin, located in the district Apalina str. 12 from Reghin Castle, was established in 1959 as a necessity on schooling and professionalization of children with special educational needs who had limited chances access to education than other children.It was the first school especially designed for children with mental disabilities professionalization. The School was arranged in an old castle, whose interior was rearranged and resized to ensure the optimal operation of the educational process and recovery.
 Many students of the school come from orphanages or families with mediocre or even poor education. This is because the School is close to the Roma community Apalina. Because of this situation the  school includes students who have special educational needs and complex evaluation services judgment.
The  2002-2003 school year was the experimental time of the Therapeutic activity-rehabilitation for children with Down syndrome and associated disabilities, special class in mainstream education. This experiment led to very good results, so the children's parents agreed and specialized professionals, because the municipality of Reghin had no form of education for these children . In the 2003-2004 school year the school began providing support to hyperactive children included in mainstream education by itinerant teacher

Currently No.3 CSEI SAM Reghin works with a number of 23 classes, total 202 students.

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