Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dryer for the House of Providence -Valea Izvoarelor

Last weeek was found a place for the tumbel dryer, wich we have found in an earlier transport. This is a thank you letter from the Center Manager.

My name is Magdolna McAlister and I am the project manager of a Residential Care Home for Elderly People from Valea Izvoarelor,  from Mures county- Romania
The Home itself has 16 elderly Residents and it was opened by the local council and the social services are provided by Caritas –Romania.
We are trying to ensure a quality care for our Residents. Our main priority is to provide a variety of services and encourage them to maintain their independency as long as possible.
Through your contact person Fazakas Imola, from Breaza we were given a MIELE type tumble dryer for our home and we would like to express our gratitude for this donation.
The tumble dryer is going to be installed as soon as we receive authorization from the Gas Company as I understood that it is one of those machinery which works combined with gas and electricity.
We appreciate your kindness and will ensure you that your donation is serving a good cause.
I am also sending a  picture of the Home – House of Providence/ and the tumble dryer and perhaps one day will be able to meet you in person.
Yours sincerely,
Magdolna McAlister - Project manager
House of Providence – Residential Home for Elderly People  -Valea Izvoarelor
Tel: 0040365 710 147

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