Thursday, September 17, 2015

Transport from September

On 9 September arrived Jaap and Geiske with a new loud for Breaza.Thursday we  have unload the truck with our volunteers and also the three older kids from us:Bogdi, Madalina and Carmen.
The mattresses were not good for the Center of Ludus  ,they were to short for their beds so we agreed to wait for others. So we gave them to an another Center in Lunca Mures where they have also very big need in matrasses. The center capacity has 100 beneficiaries  and it is for mentally and physically disabled persons.The contact we keep throw their social worker .
On Friday we went also to Deda , to bring them some food supplies, witch they use in they daily menus.The food there is well appreciated and liked .By a coffee together with the director they told us that the center is going to be extended with more 16-18 places. The plan is to make the rooms downstairs .For the building part they have their budget and for the furniture and electric beds they have asked the help of the foundation.
On Saturday together with Jaap and Geiske and the three older kids went to  pick up my parents from Harghita.
Sunday were the kids picked up from their homes and afterwords while we were preparing the clouds and bags for the next school day , Geiske was making the famous Dutch gehacktballe for the dinner.
The dinner was very tasty everybody loved it.
Monday morning they drived back to Holland.
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