Thursday, September 24, 2015

A new school year

The long summer Holiday is over and it`s time to get back to school. On 14 September has started the new school year which is a reason of  joy and hope for a new beginning.
Our kids also have waited the school to meet their friends, to see their teachers and to confront new challenges .
For Carmen is definitly a new start she is in the high school now ,Bogdan and Madalina are in VII grade, Catalin and Denisa VI. th grade, Toni and Alex V.-th grade, Razvan on III.-rd grade and Milan also in the 0 class.They all are going to school in Reghin .After the school and lunch they continue with their homework with theacher Cotta Eniko.

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  1. Good Evening Imola and Szaba

    Thats good news,we hope that kids are doing there best,but we trust in that and than they have a good future .


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