Friday, June 5, 2015

Ildiko is visiting two Old People’s Home from our area

Whithin the scope of the diaconal program and everytime I visit in the hospital Reghin, I talk to many old and sick persons. One of the old people’s major problem is loneliness. The illness, the absence of the family members can influence their lives in many ways. Near the holidays the elderly feel themselves lonelier. In Breaza and Filpisu Mic the gifts made by the Foundations Promotie bring happiness in the sick persons lives and in the lives of those who are living alone. But how do celebrate the residents of the old people’s homes? Who are those who visit them? How can they feel God’s love? These questions were asked at a women’s Bible-study. We decided together(women of Reformed Church from Breaza)that from now on , every holiday(Christmas,Easter,Pentecost)we visit old people homes from the neighborhood.
Near Easter we were in the old people home at Lunca Muresului. We brought cake and fruit juice to 96 persons. We  bought these from the women’s donations. In a large hall gathered those old ,middle-aged but even young( 35-45yrs.) people who don’t have a family. After praying ,reading from the Holy Bible, the people could hear two Easter poems. For those who were in bed we took it in their rooms. They welcomed us happily, with tears in their eyes. They are some rooms where lives  4-5  old, sick person. The  head  assistants told us, that they don’t get much support and they can’t buy beds.The sick can easily fall out of their bed, when nobody  is next to them. They asked the Stichting Promotie’s help in case the foundation brings beds, matrasses.

Near Pentecost we visited another old people’s home in Ideciu de Jos.  8 women ,of the reformed church from Breaza, arrived with 13 cake( scones)and with 12x2,5 l bottle of peach- juice for the old people. Here are 75 people, who are living in 2 buildings.
Lying patients are those who became sick here. We arrived before lunch and we put the cake and juice on the tables in the dining room. When they came to eat they were very happy. But the fruit of the Spirit is joy,love,peace,goodness…( Galatians 5,22). We experienced these ,we who went there and this was experienced by the old people..A few of them sat down to talk with us in the small park in front of the house. We could hear sad storys.Thanks to God we could go there in Pentecost! We are planning a visit to another old people’s home  around Christmas!
They always welcome any kind of help: beds,matrasses,bedsheets,diapers…So far they are thankful for the help from Stichting Promotie with 2 beds in old people’s home to Lunca Muresului.
Breaza,2015.05.31                                                                God bless you,
                                                                                         Szép Ildikó reformed pastor

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