Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Also Tigmandru is ready with the Easter packages

On Thursday, March 19, we distributed at Țigmandru about 2 tones of food for the poor people in this village. It  was a wonderful gift from the organization. Imola and Csabi were those who scheduled this transport for us.  Csabi transported at Țigmandru not only the food but the beds also and 100 kilos of clothes.
We want to say thank you very much for their effort and involvement in order to help those who are often at the border of survival. These are gestures which are changing precious lives.
With the help of the Adventist Church’ members we took the food and the beds to the eager persons.
Thanks to God and to all those who are involved in this humanitarian project for helping the poor ones to survive.

More picture over here 
Horea Tămășan

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