Thursday, February 19, 2015

Distribution of goods

At the beginning of February we have received our first transport. It was a very nice one ,with many biscuits(which is very required), food for our food program ,cloths and furniture,medical suplies.
Last week the Foundation Diakonia Reghin , has picked up some medical boxes and and also some furniture for a new work point in Bistrita .

Thursday Jurien von Campina came for some food supplies for their project in the Nehemia Association .In exchange  we have received one pallet of carrots, 1 basket of tomato, 5 kg Brussels sprouts, 1 basket of broccoli. 
The vegetables  were coming from Holland for a Supermarket  and because they were not satisfied with their quality,they rejected the whole truck, so Jurien could get it. Yesterday we have made a test   lunch from it , and they were delicious. Thank you for it , and hope that this kind of failures will happen other times too:-)
As we were lucking we have found one palet of monitors, wich we gave it to a school in Reghin , and also some boxes with Aspirin . One box we gave to Jurien ,some we can give for the people from the Food program and also Ildiko`s program and the rest we can give to the Diakonia Foundation.
Yesterday Horea Tamasan  from Tigmandru came for a transport, we gave him some couches , clouds , bisquits and sultanas. 
Julian was helping to load the van. 
Fiday Csabi will fill up also  the container from Elena and next week we are expecting other contacts to .
Kind regards!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Reaction of Rodica from Deda with the Christmas packages