Wednesday, January 14, 2015


One part from the received bananas  we give it to Elena  who on the last day from the year managed to give out for the villagers of Urmenis .
Mostly kids have received it because on that day the kids ware going with the so called ``Plugusorul``.It is a New Year`s Eve tradition, wich is still practiced today , but mostly in the villages. A group of kids are gathering together on New Year`s Day and are going to house to house , to the relatives  with good wishes , of health and wealth .As reward the people are giving in exchange  money  fruits nuts, and in our case bananas.
 But also with Nelu they went in the neighborhood bey some cases . People were very surprised from this action ,but they were very happy with it. More pictures you can see here

Christmas parcels also for Fantanele

Since November Elena is part time social worker by the old people home in Fantanele ,Jud.Bistrita with 52 beneficiaries .
For Christmas  Elena together with Nelu and her son have made small parcels for everybody and visited them .
More pictures you can see here.