Monday, December 1, 2014

,,To help and to be helped``

It is not easy, but however the  hospital mission is a service area full of blessings. Six years ago, on Christmas I went to the  Reghin" Eugen Nicoara" Hospital for the first time . I brought communion, as a Reformed pastor, to the people in the hospital. Since than, 2-3 times weekly, I go in to visit, talk and give spiritual care to the Reformed patients. The Catholics and Neoprotestants are listening gladly too, when I read an encouraging verse from the Bible. I used to give something to read ( prayer books, or other religious books) those who are staying longer in the hospital.
   Many times I am "just" present, when it happens that a dying man, peacefully, with prayer on his lips closes his eyes for ever.
   I am "just" reading from the Bible, bringing communion and the ill person begins to hope, to believe, that despite of all the circumstances, with God there's always something more! 
   I "just" remind the people, never directly, but with my presence, of conscience, Christian values, love.
  So happen quiet meetings in an invisible but experianceable space with not just the patients but with the relatives  and the hospital's staff ( doctors, assistants ). They are struggling with many financial problems. There is not enough bandage (lint), diaper, bedclothes, medicine!
   Many times  the patient buys and carries it  with him ( ex. medicine) to the hospital.
   The Stichting Promotie and Van den Heerik Foundations many times gave help to the hospital. Beds, night-tables, wheelchairs, toilet seats arrived to the hospital departments. At the emergency department were thankful for the bandages, band-aids, URIPLAST, disinfectants,gloves. Because of the Foundation's courtesy I could take toilet seats, bandages, diapers and elasticized matresses to the all hospital departments .
This way I want to thank the foundations Stichting Promotie and Van den Heerik in the name of all those, who received your help.
    God bless your lives and work! 

 Ildikó Szép reformed pastor

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  1. Good work,its nice to preach from the bible,gives the people support


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