Friday, December 12, 2014

The arrivel of the Chrismas packages

 On 9 th December , the first truck had arrived to Breaza with the Christmas packages .The drivers were Jaap Konig and Nico Erensperger.
This year we have received 550 packages , 170 for Breaza and Filpisu Mic, 100 for Deda, 180 for Urmenis,100 for Tigmandru.
Next day we have unloudet und bringed the first 100 packages away to Deda.

Our contact  person there is ,Rodica Bandila, a single mother with a son, who is a nurse by the Old people home in Deda . When we met her she told us the reason she want to do humanitarian work.In 2007 she was diagnosed with cancer. She went through of a lot of surgeries, it was a really difficult time for her. Fortunatelly she beat the diseas, and since then, by helping other people is her way to express her gratitude to God, for giving her strenght  to go through this difficult period of her life.

Yesterday arrived the second truck with the rest of the packages with Jelle and Gerrit. This morning they unloaded and went to help Ildiko .
Tomorrow they go together with Csabi to Urmenis and they will help Elena by giving out a big paart from the packages.

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  1. Hello Imola and Csabi,
    nice to hear that they have arrived,what will people be happy again .
    Greating Charles


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