Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Request from a resident doctor from Tg Mures

Yesterday I we been called from a very kind women from Tg Mures who was busy lucking help for his husband , who is resident dr in a cliniq in Tg. Mures.Can sombody help?
This is her mail:
I am writing to you following our conversation earlier, today, with the kind request to offer us support in the following issue.
My husband, resident doctor within the ENT clinic from Targu Mures, needs medical equipment for his daily activity, because, due to the lack of funds, the ENT clinic is not able to provide necessary medical equipment for resident doctors. Therefore, he finds himself in the situation where he has to purchase medical equipment, from his scholarship monthly income of 80 EUR, considering that only a specialty book costs minimum 40 EUR. I mention that because it would be extremely helpful if he would be helped with ENT specialty books or medical equipment like headlight or otoscope for examining patients.

Thank you in advance and hopefully we hear each other with good news.

Have a nice evening!
Maria Buna

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