Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Report from Organization`` Trebuie`` Sebes

Dear Ms.  Imola,
Through this email I would like to inform you about the changes that has been happening in the last period in our organization.
The number of our members are 187 persons with physical, psihical disabilities. From these 25 children and young people had beneficiated until October of special education , in a  special kindergarten (15), and a mini workshop “ ALIN” 10 young people with disabilities.
Because of the financial problems that we are confronting now, we  needed to  request the help of the city hall from Sebes,   to support us by the takeover of the special education of the children and supporting us financially ( covering the costs of maintenance and the specialized staff ).
Thereby,  the children and youth from this program , as beneficiares of the Trebuie!” Organization, and other members from the town will beneficiate of our services , such as :

  • Information and advice on the rights of the people with diabilities
  •    The distribution of the humanitarian help  received from Van Den Heerik Foundation Breaza and private persons from Sebes

  •    Meeting between healthy students  and childrens with disabilities during holydays

With the occasion of the winter holidays, we would like to offer to the beneficiars of our program a Christmas package , foe which we are asking for you help.
Only you can help us to bring joy in this children’s heart , which beside that have health problems, they come from really poor families.
In the name of our beneficiars , we would like to thank you for all the support that you are offering  us.
With respect,
Vlad Ilie

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